Monday, February 9, 2015

Swimming Off Anxiety

Some of you may remember that a month or so ago my DH came back from a quick clinic visit with a blood pressure that was dangerously high - like stroke high. Very scary. He went to his physician who has had him doing all sorts of labs and visits to other specialists, and he was put on some blood pressure meds which worked really nicely to bring his blood pressure down.


He's suddenly in the 80-90 range. This is starting to be scary! 

Now things are TOO low. He takes his blood pressure two hours after his pill, and yesterday had him WAY too low. He has a physical scheduled for today, so he's going to skip this morning's pill and consult his doctor. I think he either needs a lower dose of the meds, or a different one.

I like the pool first thing in the morning. It's not super crowded and I get
a chance to work off some tension before the day begins. 

But I'm worried and didn't sleep well, so I'm going to the gym to swim this morning even though I usually don't go on Mondays. What the heck - I may as well work some of this anxiety out of myself.

Just like this progression of 3-D printed cones, work pending can
develop larger shadows. I have to just grit my teeth and get to
work on beta work this week before I allow myself to write
anything new. 

Yesterday was a really lazy day. That's actually not good since I have to turn in a story on Thursday that I've barely started beta work on, but deadlines can be good. We slept in, had breakfast, went to Target later for some necessities and a few 'oh, we need one of those' moments, and lazed around for the rest of the evening. I read an e-book and DH watched "Ironman", I washed a comforter (yes, I love my new washer) and cooked some wild rice. I was really lazy. I guess I needed that.

I was really lazy yesterday, but I guess I needed that for a day. 

I hope your Monday is a great start for your week. Maybe tomorrow's post will be more exciting - LOL.

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