Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cemetery Sculptures - I Love These Carvings

I love sculpture and some of the best is found in cemeteries. Here is an assortment of cemetery sculptures to feast your eyes for a bit of weekend beauty. Let's start out with this stunning grieving angel.

I love this grieving angel. The hair is wonderful and
the drapery folds of her gown are lovely. I would have
preferred more detail on the wings, but all in all, this is really nice. 

Here is a lovely woman guarding a mausoleum door. The
door features an hourglass reminding us of how fleeting life
can be. I love the lacework of her mantilla and the details of
her cuffs and curled hands. It looks as though she'll
walk away at any moment.  

Another mausoleum and another woman at
the door. This one is kneeling and beautifully
wrapped in a long folded cloth. The wreath on
the right side is also carved, although the center
holds flowers that look alive and match the
pink flowers in the urns.  

Here is a lovely young woman being grasped by
Death. I love the skeletal hand grasping her
wrist and the hint of a naked skull below the drapery. 

I love this standing angel, and the shot is also wonderful and
evocative. The angel points the way for the spirit of the
deceased to travel. She's wonderfully carved with great
drapery and wonderfully shaped wings. 

Although most of the other photos were Italian, this is
a lovely bronze in a Washington DC cemetery.  She's
patiently waiting for her loved ones. 

So there you have it - a selection of cemetery sculptures for your viewing pleasure. I love old cemeteries and I love the variety of sculptures found within them. It's pretty expensive to buy one of the major sculptures in these days, but 100-150 years ago they were almost mandatory, as were regular visitations of the living to the resting places of the dead. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to meet friends for breakfast and try to rest after work and for much of Sunday. I'm almost over my head and chest cold, but I'm still worn down. Happy Weekend to all.

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