Friday, February 6, 2015

Rushed - Yet Again

I'm in a bit of a rush today so that I can get to the gym in 45 minutes. I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who shared memories and hugs with me over yesterday's 'Four Memories' post. It allowed me to heal one more small step and knowing I wasn't alone in these matters, but that others of my friends had also gone through similar experiences, made it much more bearable. (Of course, those of you who aren't part of my LJ family missed that post - it's a meme that's been working through my friends and yesterday's post was all about memories - sad ones in my case.)

The offered comfort was very appreciated. 

I got a LARGE box in the mail yesterday from Swim Outlet - two more long, cushy towels for my swimming and shower times, a new pair of swim goggles that I'll be breaking in today, some hand paddles which I'm not quite up to using yet, but I'll get there, and a book on swimming. OK, I can hear some of you say to yourselves - "She knows how to swim. Why a book on swimming?" Well, because I'm not exactly sure of the best arm position, or the best way to kick, and there are tricks of the trade in anything. The old adage "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well" was the push behind this purchase. I looked for the e-book first, but it was only available in soft cover. So I broke down and bought a physical book. *sigh* one more piece of junk that made it into my house.

It seems silly to buy a book detailing what I probably already
know, but review is always a good thing. 

Chickie actually awakened early yesterday and joined me at the Y for time on the elliptical. Her own Y is closed for a few days while they pack and move their equipment to temporary quarters for the next year-and-a-half. They're knocking down the old Midway YMCA and building a new structure, scheduled to open in 18 months. The new temporary location will open on Monday, so she might come to my Y again today. I invited her to join me in drowned guppies, but she said she'd rather work on the bicycle. So, good for her. I'll be in the water, though.

Chickie loves working out on the stationary bike. I prefer the recumbent
bike. Different strokes for different folks. 

It's Friday, and for many of you that's the final work day before the weekend. Chickie and I are getting together with our friend Meghan for breakfast tomorrow. She's getting married on Monday and is in town for that purpose. Meghan used to work for me and has stayed good friends with me since she left to wander more than ten years ago. It will be wonderful to see her again.

Meghan is really lovely. She has two little boys, Sebas (6)
and Joseph Jr (less than one year). She's a fun person
with a joy-filled personality and an artistic flair. 

And on that note, I'll wish for you a fantabulous Friday. Enjoy your day and I'll be back tomorrow. Maybe a picture blog tomorrow...

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