Thursday, February 5, 2015

And Life Goes On - Rambling Roses and Busy Bees

I have to check some deadlines. I have a story in the editing process and I don't recall when it is due. Deadlines like due dates usually light fires under me, otherwise I just coast along. Well - I'm truthfully not sure if I've ever coasted along in my life, but if I did, the editing process is where I would.

Sometimes it seems as though we are coasting through life. 

It's not that I don't enjoy editing. I actually enjoy it more than the actual writing in many cases. It's the fact that so many other things are calling my name at the same time - LOL. I don't see any way out of that, though. I'm a busy person and I have lots of things on my mental 'to do' list.

Maybe we should give awards like this to ourselves even though
we're adults. I wonder what Amy S was doing to be so busy...

Today will be relatively easy, though. Go to the gym, go back home and awaken DH. Follow him to his car repair place so that he can turn in his car for the day. Take him back home and drop him off. Go to work. We'll pick his car up tonight and he'll be good to go for another however long. Since he is still driving my mother's 1992 Saturn, however long is a good question.

Mom hadn't put a lot of miles on her car, but it's still more than 20 years
old. DH keeps talking about getting a small truck, but he wants to
still have a car to toodle around in. Why any two people would need
three vehicles is a mystery to me. I like having the balance of
two cars for two people. 

Minion passed her first car service with flying colors, though. Yesterday was hectic to the extreme, but once I got through the car appointment, everything else settled down. I have a bag of groceries in the cargo portion of Minion waiting to be brought into the shop. No more will I be caught with no options for lunch! I have declared it so!

I've been a member of for almost 15 years. I'm
not super pleased that it is now an Amazon company, but
at least I still get my books. I used to listen while on the
treadmill. Maybe it's time to load a book into my iPod or
my smartphone. 

And so I leave you as I make sure that my iPod is powered and my songs are loaded. A friend suggested audio books which actually is a really good idea now that I'm back to working out several days a week. I might just do that. I have a lot of them and some of my favorite authors have had new releases within the past year that I bought but haven't listened to yet. Maybe next week I'll start listening to one of their novels instead of music when I'm on the elliptical. In the meantime, have a Glorious Thursday!

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