Tuesday, February 10, 2015

They're Promising Snow

We're supposed to get snow today - starting around noon and going for the next 12 hours. It's supposed to start out with icy pellets and freezing rain. Driving home tonight might be a joy (not) and tomorrow's gym time may be delayed by shoveling and getting this cleared out before I head out for swimming. Still, in the broad scheme of things, we're only supposed to pick up a couple of inches or so, and although we'll get the cold coming down following the storm, it's still nothing like the East Coast has been getting, so I'm quite grateful. Last year was total hell for our winter, but this year (knock on cyber-wood) is actually a very mild winter so far. Of course, March is our snowiest month historically, so the best is yet to come (possibly).

See where the big O is? That's where Minnesota is located. We'll be
getting the cold, but we'll be sharing it with places that really need
a break, like Boston and the entire East Coast. We're experienced, though.
We know how to bundle up and layer. 

DH had his meds adjusted to half-dose and will see the doctor again in two weeks. In the meanwhile, he's also getting psyched for some more intensive work with his urologist to eliminate fears that he might possibly be in the early stages of prostrate cancer. He'll get a sonogram and a biopsy to satisfy the urologist. This won't happen for a month, though, so he'll have plenty of time to stew about it.

Apparently the doctor is less concerned about his PSA than other tests, but
the medications for the other tests could exacerbate any precancerous cells
and cause some serious issues. He wants to do a sonogram and prostrate biopsy
before prescribing other medications just to be sure and establish a baseline.
Poor DH. Researching this - it doesn't look very comfortable. 

I told him that when he gets his own health taken care of, I'll break down and find myself a doctor and get the whole physical thing done again. I actually am usually better about keeping up with things than he is, but I really hated the last physician I had and will have to switch to a different one. Having a good doctor can make SUCH a difference.

My Y just switched their equipment over to this
style of Matrix elliptical trainers. The screen actually
can connect with TV or other media via Wi-Fi and
workouts are loaded into your personal account for
later viewing. It's pretty neat, actually. 

So, I'm putting pics into this and heading to the gym. Today it's a machinery day - not my favorite things to do, but necessary to exercise different muscles than the pool does. Ah....the things I do for the sake of losing weight (which, I might add, doesn't seem to be happening with any alacrity although I'm watching my calories and my intake *sigh*). Onward and outward...Happy Tuesday.

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