Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Very Busy Wednesday!

First off - Dragons. Chickie and I went to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2" last night at my favorite theatre. The parking lot was packed and people were pouring into the lobby and the various theatres for $5 Tuesday All Day. It's a great deal! And for those of us who are Movie Reward members (which is free of charge) we also got a very respectable container of freshly popped popcorn for FREE and, if we wanted, there was also $2 hot dogs and some candy priced at $2 as well. And this is their normal Tuesday promo. We're going back, for sure!

The second movie takes place five years after the first and the gang has
grown up. Hiccup is now twenty years old and an accomplished
dragon rider/master. 

The movie itself was great. It was just as much fun as the first one, but the characters have grown up a bit and it's all to the better. The love between Hiccup and Toothless comes through and it is that love and trust that wins the day. If you loved the first "Dragon" movie, go see the second one. You'll love it. I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out later this year.

DH met Mattie and others at The Wild Onion on Grand last night
for drinks and some food. I guess he arrived a bit late to eat, so
ended up picking up McDonald's on his way home last night. Did
he have a good time? Your guess is as good as mine. He seemed
very noncommittal when I asked him last night. 

DH took the opportunity to join a long-time friend for a night at a local restaurant/bar and he got home just a little while after I did. So we both had an enjoyable night.

Money is tight for everyone right now and I understand if
my landlord doesn't have easy access to the funds to replace the
A/C. But the lack of air conditioning is affecting my own bottom line. *sigh*

Several of you asked about my A/C issues. The man from the HVAC company came out yesterday morning, looked at the system, concurred with the previous man's opinion that the unit should be completely replaced, and left to contact my landlord and arrange for the work. Although he said he could put it in as early as yesterday afternoon or today, I haven't heard from my landlord yet which means it hasn't been scheduled yet. I fear that it may be delayed because of a lack of funds on the part of my landlord. In the meantime, every single person walking into the shop is complaining about the heat. We're losing customers because of this. All I can say is this better get resolved quickly!

Meaghan worked for me for 1-1/2 years in the early 2000's. She was just
eighteen then, starting out on her adventures in life. She's been
a wandering gypsy since then, never staying in any one place for
long, but she always lets us know when she's in town. Once again
she is in a new city, but seems to be very happy with her two
boys and a fiancee. 

Today I meet a good friend and former employee, Meaghan, and her family for breakfast (along with Chickie), then I'm off on my errands. They will take me from the far southwestern part of Minneapolis to the far northwestern part of Saint Paul, so I'll be putting the miles onto Minion today. It'll be great. My license plates have arrived at the dealer, so I'll pop up there and get them put on. Then I can start to see about getting vanity plates. I loved having them for DaGrape, and would really love a set for Minion as well. But, first things first. I need to take the first step before running the marathon. It'll be a very busy day today and I'll need to be very organized, but it will all work out - I have confidence.

Aearwen is like the twin I never knew I had. Even though
we've never met face-to-face, we talk every week and can
talk forever. She's a fabulous author, a sharp wit, and a
person with great imagination and intelligence. I really enjoy
our weekly chats. 

The best part about my day to come is, of course, the fact that I'll get to talk with Aearwen for an hour this afternoon. I'd been teasing her about my Melkor/Morgoth story for several weeks now, I wonder if she had a chance to read it and what she thought of the final. And, of course, I need to get grocery shopping, office supply shopping, three loads of laundry (one of which is in the washer now), and some beta work done today. No rest for the wicked (or the good, for that matter). Have a wonderful Wednesday and I'll talk with all of you again tomorrow when I've caught my breath.

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