Thursday, July 3, 2014

I'm Late - So Here's Miscellaneous Thoughts and the 4th of July

I'm more than a half-hour behind schedule this morning, so this will be short and sweet. 

I can't stand a boring license plate. I don't require custom, but really? I do have
to have something I'll remember easily. Personalized is the way I've decided
to go for Minion's plates. 

I picked up my permanent license plates for Minion yesterday and had them put on. They're really BORING. Within an hour afterward I was sitting at the Department of Motor Vehicles with a filled out application for personalized plates. Although "Minion" was already taken (apparently there is an excavation company in the area called Minion), the clerk said I had a good chance of getting either my 2nd or 3rd choices (Minnion or MyMNion - plays on Minion with my state abbreviation encapsulated within it). Either one of these would be acceptable, although I'm really hoping for the first of the two. I should have my new personalized plates within 10-14 days. 

When you get tired of writing at Camp NaNoWriMo, why not just
check out one of the canoes for a paddle around the lake? Don't forget
to put on your life vest! 

Camp NaNoWriMo is fully underway and I have a nice collection of people in my cabin. There are eight of us and we can add a few more, so if you decide to sign up for Camp, just let me know via message and I'll give you my NaNo name so that you can find me and join us in writing. The nice thing about camp is the no-stress aspect. So with a goal of only 10,000 words as my choice, I'll have little problem coming up with the count. I wrote almost 2000 in my Ardor in August story yesterday so I'm 20% to goal already and it's only July 3rd. 

I'm very fond of hand fans. Several of my favorites are on their
last legs. Time to get some replacements at the State Fair later
this summer. International Bazaar here I come! LOL. 

Chickie phoned me as she was leaving the shop yesterday letting me know that there was a new A/C unit on the platform and lots of tools scattered around. It makes me hopeful that we'll have A/C returned to the shop by Saturday. That would make me quite joyful. 

I think I'll start my Fourth out by sleeping in. I hope all
of you have a fantastic day filled with fun, food and fireworks. 

And tomorrow is July 4th. I probably won't be posting because I'm taking advantage of the holiday to kick back, relax a bit, maybe do a bit of cleaning and writing, and I'm DEFINITELY sleeping in. I don't get another "vacation" day until Labor Day and since I'm with Sharon at the Fair and Ren Fest at that time, rest is most certainly NOT what I'm getting. 

I fell in love with Redd's Apple Ale during my June trip to
Wisconsin. I decided to treat myself for the 4th and bought
myself as six-pack as well as a 12-pack of assorted Redd's
flavors (they also have Strawberry and Tea flavors). I'm
looking forward to a flavorful 4th of July. 

I was thinking that the US makes a much better friend than a colony, so I'll be celebrating the fourth of July with some Redd's Apple Ale and something charred on the grill. I have no idea what I'll be eating yet, but I'm sure it will be quite tasty. 

I love watching fireworks - so pretty! 

Have a great Thursday and a wonderful 4th of July (Friday) and I'll be back here on Saturday morning. 

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