Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday - The Day After, The Day Between

Saturday this week is a work day between two days off so it's really hard for me to get motivated. But I have words to write, challenges to meet, and a NaNoWriMo Cabin total words count to add to. I'll have to focus and actually do something productive.

Sometimes, no matter how much I want to move forward,
I find myself stuck instead. 

The 4th for DH and I was really nice. We started out with eggs and sausages for breakfast - he did an omelette, I made a quesadilla, both were quite yummy. I have a refrigerator full of food for this holiday and DH decided on burgers and potato salad for dinner. They grilled up beautifully and I ate too much.

I do love grilled burgers, but we don't have them often. It's not
that they are that difficult to make, it's just that we're usually
too busy to take the time. Our next day off won't be until Labor Day
(that's in September for my non-US friends), so we were
determined to enjoy this small one-day holiday. 

Between meals we cleaned house for a while, I read for much longer than I should have (burying my head in an e-book is always a luxury if I can do it for several hours). Finally after dinner we settled down and watched "Thor" and the first Captain America film while switching to watch Macy's fireworks at odd times. It was a really enjoyable evening.

The Macy's 2014 Fireworks Spectacular was really magnificant. They had
curtains of light flowing off the Brooklyn Bridge, huge chrysanthemum bursts
in the sky, and a couple of really unusual bursts, one of which formed a
square, the other of which zig-zagged in rectangular fashion instead of
the usual corkscrew or diagonal. It was an excellent display!  

DH asked me the difference between an ale and a cider since I was drinking my Redd's Apple Ale and we were seeing commercials for various hard ciders. I was curious too, so I looked it up this morning. Apparently an ale is a type of beer just as a lager is a type of beer, but a cider is just the fermented fruit. I guess that's why I enjoy Redd's Apple Ale so much even though I really dislike apples and apple juice. It has the flavor of apple, but it's light and refreshing, not taking over the drink, just enhancing it. I'm a total fangirl of Redd's now.

If you think you would rather try a cider, here are some good
choices for you to try. I'm happy with my ale, so I'll stick with
that for a while. 

Redd's has two other flavors that they make - a strawberry and a tea. I bought a variety pack at the store the other day and I'll chill some of these for tomorrow and see what I think of those too. But so far, I'm totally in Redd's corner.

The review on these said as follows: Much like the mysterious Liger or Disney’s CatDog,
Redd’s Apple Ale is a bit of a hybrid creation. Redd’s is a light,
crisp, easy drinkin’ ale that’s brewed like a hard cider. The resulting
beer is, as you can imagine, a tart, fruity, crisp cider/ale hybrid thingy.
Again, think CatDog. Or RoboCop. Yea, Redd’s Apple Ale is like RoboCop,
only much, much tastier. And now it come in a Strawberry?! That’s right, get excited.

Sunday's meal will be a bit more ambitious for us. DH bought steaks to grill - no problems there, we do that all the time. He also bought four lobster tails to grill, and that's a bit more difficult. We've never done this before, so I've been scouring the recipes to try and get a good handle on them. I'm looking forward to them, though. I adore lobster, and they were available at a phenomenal price.

I love lobster, but we don't treat ourselves to it often. I'm looking forward
to grilling some tails tomorrow. 

Here's hoping all of you have a fabulous weekend. I'll be back on Monday when I start a long six-day-in-a-row stretch of working while Chickie goes to Seattle to visit family for a week. Don't forget Le Tour de France kicks off on Sunday. I'll be watching, will you?

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