Saturday, July 19, 2014

Finally We Get Mountains! and Many Paths to Tread

Le Tour de France is in the Alps today and I'm happy, happy, happy. Sunday's ride looks pretty boring, but today - I'll be watching whenever I can to see the riders move over the high peaks and enjoy the amazing scenery of the Alps. Here are the profiles for today and tomorrow (since I don't blog on Sundays).

Saturday's tour is a tough one with two Cat Ones framing a Hor Cat climb. OOOF!

Sunday is a serious drop-down. I won't mind catching up on my sleep on Sunday
before having bagels for breakfast. But we'll be heading for the Pyrenees next
week and at the end of next week we'll be watching the riders on the
 Champ de Elysee in Paris. DH said he might make crepes for breakfast for Paris. 

I have a story that I wanted finished by now, but I've been a bit "meh" about it. "Meh" is a luxury I really don't have with a deadline looming, and I'll have to push through this wall, finish the story, and start the editing process. I want to get this handed in by mid-week so that I can begin catching up with other things.

I post in a variety of archives. MPPT is one of them, and is
overseen by a great group of moderators. It may be a good
alternative for you to consider for posting. 

Many Paths to Tread is one of the archives I post my fiction to (within their guidelines of ratings and time frames). It's my alternative posting location for stories that don't fit into the Silmarillion Writers Guild guidelines and I have quite a lot of my fiction on it. It's run by a great group of people. In honor of their Fifth Anniversary, a running story has been posted for people to add to in one of five different categories: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The First Age on Middle-earth, The Second Age on Middle-earth and Multi-Age. Story paragraphs were posted for each of those five areas and people have continued the stories by adding a paragraph to continue the storylines. This type of event is always a fun challenge, so if you feel creative and want to play, come to LOTR Community Challenge on Live Journal and add your two cents worth to one or more of the storylines.

I really love this photo. I want to travel and see the world
beyond my own door. 

Speaking of Many Paths to Tread, don't forget that their annual Trees and Flowers awards are also coming up. Any story can be nominated beginning on July 27th. All stories eligible must be posted by July 26th. These are a way of recognizing stories you've read that you think deserve a bit of additional recognition by people who may have missed it the first time around. All stories posted to the archive by the cut-off date are eligible. I was honored to be a nominee and winner in some categories last year. I hope I have time to upload some other items and some artwork before the cut-off for consideration this year.

I've always loved these lines. Where will you go today? The
road beckons...

Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy your weekend.

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