Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm Running SO Late!

First of all, thanks to all who chimed in and posted responses to my post of yesterday. The discussion and points of view were amazing, awesome, varied and thoughtful, and I loved the interchange. I'm still horribly upset at the lack of action by our young people, but hope that they will find their voice to protest actions taken by others without their consent before it is too late.

Dialog between people can be a wonderful and invigorating
thing. I loved yesterday's discussion. 

But, since I'm running super late (like I have a bit more than 15 minutes to pull today's post from the aether), I'm letting my mind roam free. Warning - this can be a dangerous thing.

I'm a child of the west and the open spaces and vast vistas of
my youth still color my love of nature to this day. 

There are some photos that I just hate having to resize, and
this was one of them. The Mittens in Arizona are so spectacular,
so beautiful, and so very iconic of the Wild West. 

A different view of Monument Valley, the backside of The Mittens. This
is Navajo indian land and it's hot, there isn't a lot of water, and it's some
of the most beautiful land on earth. 

So, with that taste of roaming, I am catching up a little bit. I wish I could share more, but the clock is ticking. So ... Today is Day 13 of Le Tour and we're finally into the big mountains. The Alps for the weekend  - how totally, amazingly and wonderfully lovely, and the peloton will be fractured by the end of the weekend.

Stage 13 brings us into the alps and finishes on a HC climb
at the top! Ouch! I hope the sprinters can hold on. We've
already lost several in the past few days. 

Here's the profile for the day. It's a lot of nasty climbs for the boys and their bikes. Have a great Friday and my apologies for such a short post today.

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