Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Apologies and Catch-up

First off - apologies for late responses to those kind enough to post on yesterday's blog. A variety of factors descended upon me, causing me to be unable to get back to the computer until this morning. I'll be reading and replying later today when I can take a break from work.

There are so many ways to read e-books now. Although I read on both
my phone and my NookColor, now my DH can read on his
tablet and his phone too. E-book readers and apps are fabulous
as my eyes age and vision for small, blurry print becomes more difficult. 

DH is loving his new phone in most respects, and read three chapters on the tablet last night very happily. I think upgrading him into the current electronic times was a good investment and if it keeps smiles like that on his face, all is worthwhile. He has a day off today, so I'll leave him with the tablet and he can continue reading if he has a chance to.

I admit that I tend to combine editing with
revisions, but that's usually because I have
time sensitive issues. 

I did get my Ardor in August story uploaded on Saturday night just before midnight. I went through three very extensive edits on the work, and it probably could have had at least one more, but each one takes 2-3 hours and I ran out of time. I wanted it posted before Sunday because I had a feeling time would be of the essence on Sunday and it was. Between watching the end of Le Tour de France and shopping for electronics, the day swung out of control before I knew it. I was grateful to have had time on Saturday, even though I gave up sleep (which will hit me later this week) to do so.

Here's the preliminary cast for Season 7 of Face-Off. Two of these
people have already been voted off. Episode two airs tonight. 

So, one of my favorite shows is back on for Season 7. Face Off (SyFy channel) is extreme makeup for movie effects and it's always great fun. Last week was the premier episode of Season 7 and it comprised a four-hour challenge as the final audition with two people who would be sent home before the actual multiple day challenges begin. DH and I both pegged the winner and the two who were sent home, so I guess we're used to watching the show and know what to look for after six previous seasons. I mention Face Off because it airs on Tuesday nights, so those who may enjoy it but weren't aware that it had started up again - turn on your televisions tonight.

The color progression and balance that Tanya Garvis
put into this piece are typical of her style and one reason
why I love it so much. I love color, one major reason
why I work in glass. 

I received my latest edition of Glass on Metal magazine two days ago. This is a specialized magazine for enamalists and, since that is my preferred artform, I couldn't let it sit on the table but had to rip open the packaging and start reading. I discovered an interview by Tanya Garvis and was surprised to discover that she's a local resident. I thought her work was fabulous and I'm going to try and take some time within the next week to contact her. She's doing some amazing work with color and I just love her sense of color and design.

Just look at the subtle color progression that she put into
this piece entitled "Soft Cascade". Really lovely work.
She's done smaller work for homes and larger work for
architectural settings. I'll have to try and contact her because
what she's doing is extraordinary. 

So that's about it for the moment. I hope each of you have a wonderful Tuesday. I'll be trying to do some catch-up with my writing, my blogging and my reading (while actually working at the shop) so it has potential to be a very good day :-)

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