Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Desert Pictures Because the Desert is So Beautiful

It's my day off and errands abound including taking a bunch of branches from behind the garage into my car (poor Minion - they'll have little brown ants all over them that I know will get into my upholstery - EEEK) to take to composting. Not my idea of a good time, but DH didn't have any way to get them there yesterday. So it falls to me. Oh joy!

I just know the stupid ants will end up all over the back of my new

I think I'll treat myself to a nice breakfast because lunch may be a bit iffy if I'm running tight on time.

I think I've posted this one before, but it is one of my
favorites. The suguaro cacti against the Sonoran Desert
sunset is spectacular. 

A friend just posted photos of her Arizona trip earlier this year and it made my decision for me. Here are some desert photos for a quick photo blog before I join the rat race of my day today.

This is a lovely picture of a storm coming in over the Painted Desert
in Arizona. The distinctive and brilliant layers of color in the
cliffs give the area its name. 

Pocket canyons exist in many of the canyons of the
southwest. Look at the sinuous lines along the canyon
walls. Those are created by water rushing through at great
speed. All it takes is a hard rain upstream to capture and kill
people in these canyons farther downstream. These canyons
are beautiful, but people get drowned in them every year. 

Back to the Painted Desert and these marvelous natural arches
and caves. Catch some shade when you can, it's hot out
there. Just watch out for scorpions and snakes. 

For a picture other than the standard, here is a wonderful
shot of a lone tree in Monument Valley, one of the most
magical places on earth. 

The open roads of the Arizona desert beckon you to travel. Come
and visit if you're in the area, you'll be astounded by the
stark beauty of the desert. 

I was only going to add one more picture, but then I found
this one to share. This lovely hill in the Painted Desert just
begged to be shown to all of you. 

To end this desert pictorial, here is a wonderful picture near Winslow,
Arizona. This truly fabulous rainbow just magically appeared
through the rain clouds and sheets of falling rain. 

I hope each of you has a great Wednesday - one without ants *sigh*.  Back at you tomorrow!

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