Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventures in Phone Land

Verizon Wireless (which happens to be my cell phone carrier), was running a fabulous sale over the weekend offering 50% off smartphones and some accessories. My own phone isn't up for renewal until September, but DH's phone was an antique and I had been trying to get him into the store to look at other possibilities and upgrading for quite a while. We actually ended up there yesterday and my bank account will take a while to recover - LOL.

I've had phone service with AT&T and Sprint, but I've been
happiest with Verizon. I'll want to upgrade my own phone in
September, but it was nice to get DH into the modern era and
into a smartphone. 

DH has serious hearing loss and having a phone that has a good speaker is essential to him. We wandered between various Android devices trying to hear them and he ended up finally choosing one based on sound, even though the screen resolution wasn't quite as good as some of the Droids. He's happy with it, though.

He ended up with a Moto X phone instead
of a Droid. I love my Droid, but the sound
was much louder and more clear on the X. 

An unexpected bonus was the offer of a tablet computer for $0 and only $10/month added to our plan. Since I had to change plans anyway with the addition of the second smart phone, we took advantage of this too and we now have a tablet with a detachable keyboard. I'm still trying to get this operating the way I need, but it won't take too long.

The Verizon Ellipsis 7 Tablet was free with the purchase
of a smartphone, so adding that to the bundle was a
no brainer. 

DH wants to read books on the tablet, so after depositing the various electronics at home, we went to Barnes & Noble and he bought a gift card to set up an account for NookBooks (no...I'm not letting him use my account. He has to use his own!). We moved over to Old Chicago for a fabulous pizza and beer dinner and then went home.

Old Chicago is one of my favorite places to eat. DH had
pizza and a Leinie's Summer Shandy and I tried Wild Orchard
Hard Apple Cider. Both beverages were perfect for the day. 

DH (with much guidance on my part) got his B&N gift card loaded and chose and purchased two books. Of course, this is a new account, etc, and they didn't immediately become available for him to download, but I'm hoping they'll show up today. I did load the Nook reading app onto his phone and I'll get things loaded on the tablet today as I continue to try and get it operational the way we will need. The tablet is being stubborn.

B&N gift cards are my favorite presents because I'm
always reading e-books. DH is hoping that the ability
to resize fonts and change brightness on the screens
might be the perfect solution to his reading problems as
his eyes grow older. 

So, my bank account was hit hard between the phone, the tablet, the keyboard, the various screen protectors, the phone charger for the car, and the Otter phone protector and carrier for him. Additionally, since I changed to a different (and more expensive - unfortunately) plan, next month's bill will be massive! After that it will settle down, but I'll have all of the various activation fees coming through on my next bill.

Next month's bill won't be pleasant. The things
I do to make DH happy...LOL. 

Happy anniversary, honey, a couple of months early... I hope all my friends have a wonderful Monday.

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