Saturday, July 26, 2014

The End of Le Tour - My Life Will Soon Return (Hurrah!)

I love Le Tour de France, but I'm always happy to see the final ride into Paris so that I have my life back. Today is a 34 mile time trial and Sunday the riders will go into Paris while I eat a lovely breakfast - then my days won't be turned to the sports channel and will return to the financial networks instead. I think the sports network is more fun, but DH enjoys the stock market. Go figure.

A 34 mile time trial is the schedule for today. I hope the
weather cooperates and that there is no rain. Rain on
time trials can equal lower times and very dangerous

Time to end the Tour up on the Champs-Elysees. Once again
I'll have the pleasure of reading the hieroglyphics on
Cleopatra's obelisk while watching the riders go
around and around the streets of Paris.
Vive Le Tour de France!  

Anyway, even though the profiles don't mean a lot at this point, here are your stage profiles for the final two stages, Numbers 20 and 21, of the 2014 Le Tour de France. Congratulations to all of the riders for giving me a very entertaining three weeks of watching.

I sent an email off to the mod admins with specific questions for my
upload. Hopefully they will get back to me with answers and I
can don my armour and begin uploading my story on Sunday, just
making the deadline! Whew! 

I finally finished the first edit of my Ardor in August story last night and will start the second edit this morning. I'm in a time crunch on this, but I really like where the story ended up going. It's not as heavy as others I've written in the past and not overly long at just over 8000 words. I'm pretty happy with it. Now if I can just get it polished and then posted appropriately so that I've done all of the right codes, etc for the challenge. I sometimes think that posting is harder than writing the story - LOL.

We're thinning our many trees because we want to put in a shed and
need the space to erect it. 

The weekend is here, and even though I work on Saturday, I'll still have Sunday to enjoy a day off. I'm sure DH and I will end up doing something - maybe pulling down another tree. After all, we haven't pulled one down since - hmmmmm - oh yes! Since last week - LOL. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

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