Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday Accomplishments and Monday Work

Sunday I awoke realizing I had to clean Grape out since I'm trading her in for Minion on Tuesday night. I wanted to make sure that everything was out - no CD's loaded in the player, no trash that needed to be thrown out. I started cleaning after my morning shower while DH began cutting down trees on the side yard with the chainsaw. I got the car completely cleaned up - then the rain started.

I even dusted the dashboard, etc. Grape was always pretty clean, I
took good care of her, but even a clean car can collect dirt and
miscellaneous stuff over fourteen years. 

Pulling the Yard Waste cart down to DH, we began stuffing it full with the branches of the small trees he was cutting down in an attempt to thin out our woodland. By the time the bin was full and we were heading to put the bin back into its place and return the chainsaw to its shelf we were dripping - soaking wet. What a mess!

By the time we were done and came into the house, we looked
like very wet kittens. 

We peeled off our wet clothing and hung them to dry (by late afternoon I checked and they were still so wet that I threw them into the clothes dryer). We settled down for a while, DH played a computer game and I beaded on the next section of my Toho Challenge piece, then he had a brilliant idea.

Famous Dave's is expensive, but really good. We don't go here
often, but I always enjoy it when we do. 

"Let's get Bar-B-Que," he said and I seconded that thought instantly. So off we went to Famous Dave's to get burnt ends and spareribs. So good! After we returned I found the other key-fob for Grape and pulled out her Title from the drawer where we keep such things. After I fill out the credit application, I'll be ready for Tuesday and Minion.

I love Famous Dave's Burnt Ends. These bite-sized pieces of meat are so
infused with flavor. Totally nummy!!!

Today I begin by seeing my Chiropractor, then I'll have breakfast, and then off to work where I'll be massively busy all day. We're expecting a huge shipment today and if it arrives on time, DH will be busy for the day just getting things checked in and starting to process it. It's well over 500 pounds of beads, so this one will take us a while to get completed.

Although we won't get quite as many boxes as these, I am still expecting
up to ten boxes and more than 500 pounds of product within a few days. If
it comes today, DH can work on it all day. 

Here's hoping you had a great weekend and have a fantastic Monday.

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