Saturday, June 21, 2014

General Argh - Bouncing Thoughts

So this is just a general "argh" because it just is. For more than a week now, since I got back from the Bead & Button Show, I've been trying to access my store website to do some price updating and product updating. Suddenly it's not accepting my sign-in information. I worked a bit on it this morning and changed my log-in information and codes. I'll give it another try over the next day or two and see if it is working now. If not, I'm not 100% sure which baby step to take next, but I'll have to do something serious pretty soon.

I'm tearing my hair out over my website right now. 

I wanted to double-check my website expiration date for the domain and, of course, this is the one website that I have with a different domain registry. They also are not accepting my log-in information (although it is looking like my notes on that are out of date). I'll phone their customer support within a few days and make sure that things are OK and that the domain is still mine. Shouldn't be a problem, but I like to keep up on these things.

You never know what you may find in a car. Look! I found a guy
hiding in my trunk! 

Tomorrow will be the great car clean-out day. I pick "Minion" up after work on Tuesday and since I'm trading "Grape" in to reduce my purchase price just a little bit more, I need to have my car cleaned out completely. Sunday will be spent checking every little nook and cranny to be sure that I have everything out of my car before Tuesday night comes.

Meet "Minion". S/he's coming home with me on Tuesday night. 

Minion - yes, I'm getting a new car. I've been looking for months, I've been back and forth from the dealership at least eight times, I've researched it up and down the web and in magazines, and I've taken two different test drives. I figured out exactly what options I wanted and there was a single vehicle on the lot that fit all of my specifications, so my sales dude set it aside for me after I took it out for a drive. I arranged for the financing and we'll pick it up on Tuesday night.

The colors used this year are bright and use a lot of surface
iridescence. So far the project is coming together nicely, but
I have a lot of beading left to do. 

I'm working odd times on a beading project for the Toho Beading Challenge 2014. The combo of beads they provided to us this year were odd, but as I'm working with them, they are actually working together better than I thought they would. I wasn't able to finish last year's challenge because of my father-by-marriage's death, so I'm determined to finish this year so I don't let them down again. I have to have it completed by the end of the summer and photos need to be passed on by Halloween.

Good Solstice to all. Here's a pic from a celebration in 2012. Have a
joyful beginning of the next Turn of the Wheel. 

Finally, Good Solstice to my friends. It's the beginning of summer in my part of the world, the start of winter for my friends in the southern hemisphere. Summer or Winter, I hope it is a good season for you and your loved ones.

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