Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swamped and Time Management

A major shipment arrived at work yesterday and we were buried in work the entire day just getting things checked in and ready for processing. I didn't have the time to respond to those of you responding to yesterday's LJ post, and I apologize for the delay. Today should be a little better, although we'll be pretty swamped for the week.

I'm in a strange mood this morning, so I'm visiting icanhas.cheezburger.com for
my photos today. No telling what I'll end up with. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow already because I hope to actually get some "me" time instead of running around like a crazy person. But then, I am a bit of a crazy person, so perhaps I should continue to act true to myself.

Attitude - this owl has it in spades! 

I'll be working hard today, but I have to get some writing done early this morning because I've done NOTHING with writing for the past week! I am three (maybe four) drabbles behind, I've done practically nothing on my story for "June of Doom and Gloom", and although I've put in a good start for my "Ardor in August" tale, it still has quite a bit more to go. At least I managed to get my LOTR Community piece finished in time and the response to that has been gratifying. Of course, I've had no time to read the other people's stories in that community - MY BAD!

I'm becoming an expert at running in place. Time to actually try to move! 

I need to get my schedule back in order, and divide my time between beading and writing once again. After I pick Minion up tonight, at least I won't be driving back and forth to the car dealership week after week any more. That will be a relief in itself and free up more time than you would think - crazy how errands can mount up.

I get delusional before I have my morning coffee.  Or not...

DH is up and roaming around. He knows enough to not disturb me when I'm in my early morning mode. Before I get my cup of coffee, I'm mean, growling, and generally unpleasant to be around. I try to foster that image to keep my quiet time in the early morning hours solely for myself. Now it seems he's returned to bed and I'm not hearing him walk around any more. I'll see how long that remains, but hope that he can fall back to sleep.

Too cute to resist. 

Happy Tuesday to all. Have a totally wonderful day filled with adventures and good experiences.

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