Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wrapping Things Up - A Photo Blog

I'm wrapping up the house sale this week, and I'm also running late today. That means a photo blog today, and I think I'm working on "Wrapping Things Up" for my subject matter. Let's see what I can find for view today...

I'm going to try and make today's blog wrapped up in pretty string,
just like this package wrapped in satin cording. 

What kinds of things are wrapped? Hmmm - time for a hunt....

I'm a firm believer that everything is better with bacon, and I adore corn. So
I'll have to grill me some bacon-wrapped-corn this summer when I'm
cooking on the outdoor grill. Yummy! 

I tried to find out where and when this Saran Wrapped spider web art
installation had been displayed, but the pic was on Tumblr without
any information. A different install that was similar was at the Duomo, but
I don't think the picture here is the same exhibit. It's fun, though. 

This wonderful spiderweb-wrapped bridge is in Melbourne, Australia and
is part of a project rehabilitating the former Webb Rail Bridge. It's
really stunning and the play of light and shadows through the wrapped
webbing must be so fun to experience. 

Clothing wraps people up and aren't these artistic stockings too fun? I love
the leaves and flowers climbing up the legs. So pretty! Want some? They're
designed by Sweet Marcel. 

And as my final offering for today, we wrap ourselves away from the outside world
in our houses and apartments. This wonderful Amsterdam houseboat was
designed for a competition requiring a maximum 3-metre height. It is the
+31Architects "Watervilla de Omval" and I read that it's quite spacious on
the interior. Wouldn't this just be fun? 

So there you have it. I'm calling this a wrap!

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