Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Productivity - What I Need to Do & Nature's Wonders

It's Wednesday, it's my "day off" and I will be sitting at my computer keyboard for the day because I'm SO far behind. Because I need to be super productive, I'm looking for pics of productive critters... Here we go!

This is a picture of a large field of termite mounds. I looked to find out if
the pic was from Australia or from Africa, but unfortunately the specific
designation was missing. Still - these little critters all gather together to
make large, sometimes twenty-foot-high, mounds in which they live and
work. Rather like a miniature New York City, insect-style. 

I have a drabble to do and even though it isn't a firm deadline, I would like to have it completed by Monday.

I almost missed out on the LOTR Monthly Challenge due to my funk a week or two ago. I now have five days to pound a story into shape, when normally I have at least two weeks *sigh*. I hear the clock ticking.

Speaking of small critters, just look at this small section of Australia's
Great Barrier Reef. How truly spectacular! Coral is a bunch of small organisms
who gather together and form large colonies. Many coral reefs around the
world are dying because of ocean pollution and UV devastation. NEVER break
off a piece of coral, and make sure that any coral jewelry you wear is
either appropriately harvested or antique. 

I have to compose a bio for my B2MeM story and my B2MeM artwork for the e-compilation. I also have to send the revised story to the editor since there were two small, but important, changes to the text and I want the proper one to be published, not the one with such silly errors.

I have to write my monthly diary submission for Monday - just didn't get to it yesterday.

And I promised my dear friend in Germany to get some beta work completed on her latest chapter.

I'm allergic to bees, so this gives me a bit of a shiver, but I can't deny that
honeybees are productive. Bees are tremendously important
in agriculture and their honey tastes pretty darned good, too. 

So instead of getting exercise, yadda-yadda-yadda ..., I'll be sitting at a keyboard and typing, typing, typing. I will, however, still do laundry and grocery shopping, as well as banking stuff and a quick run with a package for a friend to the post office. So I guess I'll have some opportunities to get out and smell some fresh air today, but not many. *sigh*

Finally, productivity can be measured in many ways, including
the above. This little pug was very productive indeed! 

Hopefully, by tomorrow, a great deal of the list above will be into revision process or completed and sent off. That's the real mark of an accomplished day off for me. I wish all of you a productive day. Happy Wednesday!

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