Thursday, May 15, 2014

80% Should be Good - Right?

Eighty percent accomplished should be a positive thing, right? But 80% accomplished on my day off means some things just didn't happen and that's actually a problem. I had a long list of things that I had to get done on my day off - lots of fiction to write, a diary entry to fill in and post, and some beta work for a friend. I got the fiction written, edited, edited again and finally fine tuned and posted. So "Yeah Me!", one thing went well. But those two items - a drabble and a 550 word smippet, ended up taking most of the day. I didn't get to the monthly diary entry, and I didn't get to my beta work for my friend. I guess I'm a poor friend after all!

Perhaps I should have shifted my schedule around and done the
beta work first. But then the two fics wouldn't have happened. I have
to grab the writing muse by the tail as she whips past me. 

Tonight I'm determined to get that beta work done. The diary can wait until this weekend - it's already late anyway. But I hate to let a friend down and I know that I won't be able to get another chapter done for her until after I've returned from Milwaukee next month. So I owe her some of my time. "Tonight, tonight." as Maria sings in "West Side Story".

West Wide Story is NOT my favorite musical play of all time. It doesn't
even crack my top ten. But the song seemed appropriate here...

On the home front, the sale of my FIL's house is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm thrilled that we'll finally be rid of it. I brought the cleaning supplies and a card table home from there yesterday late, and that's the end of it. We'll take meter readings of the gas and electric as we go home from work tonight, and sign a bunch of papers tomorrow (actually, DH will be signing, I will only be the chauffeur and witness to all of the hoopla). Then our lives will be our own once more and I'll never have to see the inside of that house again! Happy, happy me!

Not only our house sold, but my sister-in-law's home directly across
the street has also been sold within the past two weeks. The family
is leaving their long-time neighborhood. 

I'm telling all of you this because I'm not sure how much of a blog post I'll be able to do tomorrow. I'll do something, but it may very well be stressed out animals or something similar because I'll have too many things to think about and a very tight time schedule.

The Mayo Clinic is now a huge complex of hospitals, labs and testing
centers. Quite the step up for two doctors who started their practice in
a small Midwestern town out of a house. 

So, today Chickie is at Mayo Clinic for her annual checkout. She's got this chronic, rare disease thing that gets her entered into the hallowed halls of the Clinic and affords her the opportunity to see lots of Department Heads who look at her records and try to look wise. Since she's been suffering more than usual distress with her sinuses and has had a lot of balance issues as a result, I'm sure that will be one more thing they will "Hmmmm" about as they look at her this year.

Chickie is gallivanting around the Mayo Clinic today. She usually treats
herself and Chickiemama to a steak for lunch at a nearby cafe. Good
luck with all of the tests, etc and I'll see you on Friday, Chickie! 

So while Chickie and Chickiemama are gallivanting through the clinics and labs of Mayo, I'll be holding down the fort with my Manager at the shop. That means I'll be working my tail off today since he usually is more effective working in the back on purchase orders or in the warehouse checking stock. I only call him out to the sales floor if I get flooded with too many customers and can't keep up easily. Days spent working with him always wear me out.

Have a totally fabulous Thursday!

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