Monday, May 12, 2014

Thanks to One and All

Despite the fact that I spent most of my birthday doing the final clean-up of my father-in-law's house, I still had a terrific day. After we were finished with the house, DH took me to our local burger restaurant for dinner and a couple of Guinness, and then it was home again for a nap. Guess we were tired for some odd reason - LOL. But we perked up again to finish the night watching Amazing Race. He then swung into watching the hockey game and I called it a night. 

Grumpy's isn't inexpensive, but the food is good. Generous portions and
a great lineup of craft beers on tap. Of course, they also have Guinness
and for me there's nothing else I want in my glass. 

So many people were kind and sent cards and emails and posts. I'm going to try to list here and I think I kept track :-)

Thank you one and all!

First, my BFF Sharon sent a super-funny card and she's absolutely right - I can't possibly get older because she refuses to age. We'll be young chicks into our 90's. Hugs to you, GF!!!!

Chickie gave me an angel puff pastry from Wuollete's (so freakin' good!) and a gift card for Barnes & Noble which was spent on some ebooks this morning. Gift cards to Barnes usually get used up quickly in my land of ebooks and are always among my most beloved gifts. 

Now a list of my LJ friends and blog followers. You're all magnificent and I was humbled by your taking the time from your day to wish me a happy birthday. 

Shirebound - A picture of minions and flowers - how absolutely perfect!

silver_trails - A fic just for me with Maglor, Daeron, an enamelwork leaf and lily-of-the-valley flowers. I smiled for an hour, it was so perfect! 

just_ann_now - A stunning pic of a variety of flowers in vases. So pretty!

chaotic_binky - Colorful balloons - who can resist balloons? 

cairistiona7 - A wonderful Aragorn pic which resulted in several fun comments. Including a wonderful comment by mikononyte re velcro and Aragorn's body. 

minuial_nuwing - confetti and nekkid elves, who could wish for more? 

elfscribe - An LJ friend for many years and such a talented author who took time from her day to give me a lovely chocolate birthday cake pic. Yummy! 

ellynn_ithilwen - a great pic of a bouquet of red roses. So sweet and colorful. 

the_winterwitch - A rather amazing pic of borage in bloom. I've never seen this plant before and it was a stunning pic - very artistic and beady. 

binkaslibrary - If calories could be sent via the internet, I'd be in trouble here. Her pic of an ooey-gooey cake with caramel and bananas was outstanding! 

lindahoyland - a fabulous ecard with flying birds and growing flowers and plants. So pretty and so thoughtful. 

And I received messages and happy birthday wishes from so many other friends including: 
  cmcmck  and

Thanks to one and all for making my traumatic 60th birthday a wonderful success. Now to start aging backwards once again....

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