Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thanks for Sharing & A Photo Blog for the Weekend

First of all, thanks to all of you who participated in yesterday's discussion of obesity and perception. It was a wonderful discussion with lots of very valid viewpoints and statements and I learned a lot from all of the comments. I hope each of you who chose to take the time to comment have had a chance to revisit the post and read through the various comments. It was a wonderful dialog.

We had a great dialogue and I was pleased to read so many well-reasoned
and beautifully expressed opinions on the topic. 

It's the weekend and tomorrow is both Mother's Day as well as my own 60th birthday *sigh*. Suddenly I feel old and that sucks. So I'm going to try and ignore all of that and focus on beautiful things for a photo blog to end my week. I hope you have a totally fabulous weekend and come back on Monday with a smile on your face. So here we go...

I'd like to think I keep getting better, but today I'm just
not feeling it. I promise this will be the last silly thing I
say about this birthday. I promise! 

Mother's Day is celebrated this Sunday here in the US, so I'm
taking this opportunity to wish all of my f-list a very Happy
Mother's Day. Whether you are a mother or not, or whether your mother
is still living or not, or even if you dislike your mother and have no
intention of visiting or phoning her, spare a small thought for
her on her special day. Because good or bad, she's still your mother. 

Seeing the flowers above made me think about some of my favorite
flowers and that list has to be headed by the blue Columbine. This state
flower of Colorado is one of my absolute favorite flowers. Although I've
tried to have Columbines here in Minnesota, they tend more often to be
the red colored variety. It's the blue,  almost purple color of the
high mountain meadows that are my true love. 

Seeing the Columbine above made me think about other flowers I love. One
that I'm looking forward to are the lilac blossoms that will line my
backyard as well as the freeway exits throughout the city. I love looking
at their colorful blooms, and their scent is one of my favorite natural perfumes. 

As my last flower for today's photo blog, I'm posting red and white carnations
in honor of my mother. Carnations were her favorite flower and she always
wanted red and white. My father bought her red and white carnations
several times a year until the day he died. 

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day. I'll be back on Monday.

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