Monday, May 5, 2014

What a Great Weekend and Catching Up

Weekend in the title above might be overstated, since I only get Saturday night and all day Sunday for my weekend, but what I had was wonderful. DH and I had a relaxed Saturday night and finalized our schedule for our Sunday at the museum. Getting up earlier than usual on Sunday, we treated ourselves to a nice breakfast and then went on to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to sink ourselves in Matisse as well as other exhibits and their always interesting store.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is one of my favorits
places to go. This is their seasonal entrance, only open
during the summer months. There is another entrance to
the left of this picture that is ground level and year-round. 

We wandered through the Matisse exhibition and I took lots of photos (no flash, of course) since they were allowed at the museum as well as the special exhibit. I was a bit surprised that the special exhibit allowed photos - they usually don't - but the admission instructions said photos were fine so I took advantage. I haven't downloaded them from my camera yet. I'll try to get to that tonight.

The cutout gauche paper and hand-written paged book
called "Jazz" was exhibited throughout the final
room of the grouping. It was just fabulous to see
each collage. I wish I read French because not
all of the text was translated. 

The Matisse exhibit was fabulous. The collection of paintings, drawings, lithographs and sculptures gathered were more than fifty individual works ranging in size from two inches to very large wall sized and ending with his cut paper work in his very rare book, "Jazz". It encompassed the whole of his creative life and went into detail on how he worked on pieces, changing them time and time again until he was finally satisfied with them. When he grew tired of painting, he would sculpt. When he wanted a change again, he would draw, or work on stone lithography. And then he would pick up the paintbrush again.

This amazing stone lithograph was one of many
prints in the exhibit. The shading, the hint of
transparency, and the patterning are
outstanding. Often he worked directly on
the stone instead of making a drawing to
be transferred to the stone for printing. 

I took hope from his changing media often because I operate in similar ways. When I hit a wall with my writing, I turn to my art. When one media doesn't do it, I work in another. I bounce back and forth with my creative structure and although it drives DH crazy, it actually allows me to channel my personal creativity into methodologies that can best take advantage that day. It works for me and seeing that Matisse did similar things made me feel much better about my lily-pad hopping style of art and writing.

Just look at this little duck crossing the lilypads! CUTE! 

After spending several hours more wandering other parts of the art museum, we shopped the gift shop (didn't buy anything though - we were good!), then left. The hockey game had started at 2:00 pm and we were early enough that we could catch at least the second and third period, so we decided to get pizza and beer at Old Chicago and watch the game.

Flights of beer usually will run from light to dark,
but can be organized any way the customer wants. 

We had flights of beer - DH chose a grouping of Mexican beers, I went for a flight of imported beers and a second flight of Colorado beers. (The import flight was fabulous, the Colorado flight was less enjoyable.) For those who may be unfamiliar with the term 'flight' of beer, it is four four-ounce pulls of draft beers, allowing you to try a variety of beers with small potions. That way if you don't like a beer, you haven't committed to a large portion. I was glad a few of these were flights, I won't be ordering them again. But there were some winners in the group, of course.

Left Handed Milk Stout is a beer I've recommended in the past and
would easily have again. It's a bit lighter than Guinness, but with the
same black look and mellow taste. One of the bartenders sometimes
puts ice cream into this stout. I think that would be FABULOUS.
It's a Colorado beer that's a winner!
What is a milk stout beer? Follow the link to find out. 

After lunch and the game were over, we boxed the rest of our pizza for another time and headed home where we collapsed and watched TV for the rest of the evening. It was a totally fabulous day, though, and I had such a good time. The sun was out, I wasn't even wearing a jacket, and since it was also Art in Bloom, I got to see lots of floral exhibits at the same time. A great weekend.

Sunday was also the final day for Art in Bloom. Art in Bloom has
amateur and professional floral arrangers who make art in flowers
to work alongside a selected piece of artwork that inspires them.
It's always fun to see what they come up with. Some are amazing
and exquisite. 

So now it's time to get back to a schedule and try to catch up with my writing and reading. Sorry I've been so uncommunicative over the past week in my LJ comments. I'll try to catch up by mid-week - it will take me that long just to flow through the old posts I've missed (shame on me). I also promised Aearwen that I would write 500 words by Wednesday. Since I haven't written anything (except my daily blogs), I'd better try and get going on that too :-) Happy Monday, all!

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