Tuesday, May 6, 2014

At Loose Ends...Searching for my Muse

I'm at loose ends today. I'm supposed to write but my muse is in hiding. She'll come back soon, but right now I need to find her. Maybe she is hiding under a rock on a beachfront scattered with 1000's of rocks. Which one can she be secreting herself under? Shall I take a look and see if I can't pin her down, bring her back into the sunshine, and allow her to sing once more?

Maybe my muse is hiding under one of the rocks
scattered on this beach in the Pacific Northwest? 

No? Well then - where is that muse of mine hiding today? Maybe in the desert?

Oh my! I could spend the rest of my life checking under these
rocks. This is a desert in southern Yemen. Has my muse moved
so far away from home? 

If she is not hiding in the desert or on the beach, perhaps she is hiding in or near rushing waters?

Lots of wonderful rocks here. Where's my fishing pole? This scene
is just calling out for some fly fishing. But no muse is
answering my call here either. 

Where can my muse be hiding? I've looked at the beach, the desert and the river - where else can I possibly look? Oh yes! Maybe she is hiding in the largest rocks of them all - the mountains.

This is one of the scenes from where I grew up. The Rocky Mountains
rise abruptly from the Great Plains of the central US and create a formidable
barrier between the coasts. This is outside of Denver, Colorado. It is
scenes like this that make me homesick, so maybe my muse just
wanted to return home for a while without me. 

But I really need to settle down to some work - some serious work, not just photo blogs and birthday wishes. Today? Maybe. But if not, then tomorrow. My thoughts are filled with thoughts of Bead & Button Show, museum tours, an upcoming visit by an internet friend, and general hoopla. I just can't seem to concentrate on writing. Feh! Maybe if I put out milk and cookies my muse will come back to me? In the meantime, it's time to get back to work...

Now...which buttons do I want to push today? 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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