Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Possible Activities For My Day Off

Originally my day off was supposed to be the great weather day of the week. That's turned into a lie - today is supposed to be warmer, but filled with rain. That mean, however, that I may be able to buckle down and actually get some writing down, an activity that will make me much happier.

Time to buckle down and get some writing done.

As I said yesterday, my muse has gone on vacation - a rare thing for me. I looked under a lot of rocks (as well as with a cabana boy because - well - it was a cabana boy!), but she was nowhere to be seen. She seems to be peeking over the horizon today, though, so I'm going to try and lasso her and bring her into line.

Time to lasso that muse of mine. No more cabana boys for her. She needs
to get back to work!

I have three drabbles to do, a birthday fic to continue, and I have the Dark Challenge to prep a fic for (I always look forward to indulging in my dark side). I want to catch up a bit because May is progressing and my schedule is compressing into limited hours of open space.

I loved my Alienware computer - I put it through its
paces and make it rock. I got a new computer because
it eventually just got too slow for what I needed.
It's perfect for our warehouse, though. 

We need a computer at the shop that isn't my laptop, so I'm thinking about taking my old Alienware computer, which still works fine, pulling off the non-essential information so that it will be faster, and taking that to the shop to put into the warehouse area. I can then link it to the store Wi-Fi  or cable it into the server directly so that we can do internet searches, etc without needing my laptop.

I'm sharing my space this morning. I don't share gracefully.

Well, DH can't sleep so he's sitting nearby, has the TV turned on, and my quiet time has been shattered. Therefore, I'm calling this blog post done and I'll find my pics and post. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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