Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Married a Dinosaur, aka Time For the Next Crisis

What is it about my DH. Why do I have to drag him kicking and screaming into the 21st century, fighting every step of the way? Why do I ask?'s the saga I lived through yesterday. (And just as an aside, I still managed to write three drabbles, grocery shop at two different grocers, clean four pounds of strawberries, do three loads of laundry, and bake four chicken breasts, so this crisis was not all-consuming, just very annoying.)

I love strawberries and have them for lunch every day when they are in season.

During my walk through the errands listed above, I decided to phone DH and discover if he wanted anything specific from the grocer. Since I was in the computer room, and the landline phone was right there, I picked up the receiver to phone out. But wait! What was this? Oh ... there was no response from the keypad buttons. There was a dial tone, but I couldn't dial out. So - time to add a new phone on my shopping list.

Remember this style of phone? Ours was more modern that this two-handed
version, but still dated from the 1990's. 

Now, DH is a dinosaur. He doesn't enjoy the modern age, so I knew bringing in a new wireless phone would be an issue. But really! What a total grump.

I bought a phone system similar to this one with four handsets
and the base station answering machine. The main line is now powered
up and I'll deal with ring tone and answering machine message
later this week. 

After he came home and confirmed that our old phone was truly dead, he has now determined that he will bring over one of his father's old phones because he wants something that's not cordless. Whatever! I'm keeping the new phone and he can split the line for his second phone if he wants it.

I have a feeling that if it was up to DH, he'd still
be using the old-style crank phone. This style
needed a switchboard - thus 'Daisy' (below). 

I keep having this picture come into my head of him standing at one of the older phones from the 1930's, turning the crank and getting his calls passed on from Daisy at the central switchboard. Oh! And he should be sharing a party line.

A good switchboard operator was worth her weight in gold. I actually
operated a switchboard for a short time, working at a company that
took messages for physicians. The things I did to make money
while I was in college....

Then again, if he splits the line to have an old fashioned phone alongside the new one, I guess he's put us onto a party line in modern times. *sigh* I married a dinosaur. Happy Thursday...

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