Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stumbling Blocks - Photos and Thoughts

I'm stumbling over my time schedule this morning, running more than half-an-hour late for a variety of reasons. So, no text today, just photos of stumbling things to pull you into your weekend. Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll be caught up by Monday.

Well - here I am,. stumbling over my schedule yet again...

These brass Stolpersteine in Berlin were created by artist Gunter Demnig. 
Each brass stumbling stone begins with the words "Here Lived"
followed by the name of a person, the place and date of their birth, the
year they were deported (1941 or 1942) and where they were
killed (either Riga or Lodz).

The artist has put more than 30,000 brass plaques throughout Germany with
the names of Jews, homosexuals, political dissidents, Gypsies, and others
who were killed by the National Socialists. Each plaque is individually'
designed and individually installed.
Follow the link for more information

The Japanese set their stepping stones in crooked paths because
evil spirits can only move in straight lines. They believe that as you
walk the crooked paths, you should look at the new views presented
with each directional change and learn from the new perspectives. 

Try to keep positive even when falling over stumbling blocks. 

Have a great weekend. I'll be attending the Matisse exhibit tomorrow, so I'm happy, happy....

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