Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thoughts To Make You Think...

Ack! I'm running so late! I got caught up this morning in voting for my favorites on "The Voice" as well as finding the perfect birthday picture for Esteliel's birthday. But that's really not an excuse, it's an explanation.  Since I'm almost 30 minutes later than usual, I'm going to whip together a quick photo blog for the day and apologize. Hopefully I will have something more thought-provoking tomorrow.  Hmmm....thought-provoking - now that's a good theme....  

Let's start with thoughts from Charlie Chaplin - talented in so many
directions and with wisdom like this in addition. 

Tom Waits had some interesting thoughts about the difference
between information and knowledge. 

Einstein lived during a period of world war and fled for his life.
He felt strongly about war and how wasteful it was of the lives of some of
our best young people, but he also knew that to just stand by and
not act was criminal. 

Here's a thought for you today.  Don't think you can't
do something - try. You may be surprised by your success. 

Don't look back with regret, just celebrate how far you've come on the road. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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