Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thank You Dangerous Catch Fishermen and The Voice (Spoiler Alert)

My DH phoned me at the shop yesterday telling me to "Come home hungry." I was intrigued, after all, I don't get those instructions very often. But Tuesdays are a day off for him, so I figured he had been grocery shopping. I came home to this ....

I adore crab, even though I'm really slow eating it. Having crab for
dinner last night was an unexpected treat. 

Almost five POUNDS of fabulous Opilio snow crab legs just being tossed into the steamer, butter clarified and ready to be poured, green beans almondine and risotto. What a FABULOUS dinner. We tore into crab while watching the finals of The Voice, which was being broadcast for three hours. It didn't take us all that time to eat, but I'm slow at taking the shell (armor) off my crab meat. What a FABULOUS dinner. Oh wait - I said that already. Well, it bears repeating.

This Season's mentors were Adam Levine, Usher, Blake Shelton and Shakira. They
all did a great job and I think the best of the pack ended up in the finals. 

After we had created a mini-midden heap of crab detritus, we adjourned to a different room to finish watching the final award of this year's "The Voice". I had voted for Josh and for Jake, being perfectly content with either one for the win. I knew that for Josh, a win was a game changer. It was his only chance to break out of his little 8-5 job and pursue his long-held dream for himself and his family. For Jake, well, he's a young boy, not even out of high school yet, and has a lot of life still ahead of him.

The Voice final three L-R - Josh Kaufman, Christina Grimmie and Jake Worthington.
I'm not a Christina Grimmie fan, but loved both of the boys. 

Christina Grimmie came in third, but Adam Lambert had already offered her a recording contract on his label, so she's set. It came down to the two guys, and finally, Josh Kaufman was declared the winner of Season 6 "The Voice". He's a multi-talented soul singer and I think he'll do very well.

Josh Kaufman is a 38-year-old father of three who is very unassuming. But
he has a marvelous voice, great stage presence, and a range of styles and
vocals that will work well for him. He did a duet with Usher for the finals
that was awesome. Follow the link for the You Tube

As for Jake? He's country right down into his bones. He'll do super well. I have a feeling he'll continue to be mentored and sponsored by Blake Shelton and he's got that George Strait type of pure country voice that will carry him very far. I foresee great things in this young man's future.

Jake Worthington has a voice and delivery that reminds me of George
Strait - just pure and in the bones. He's a very young guy - not even out
of high school yet, and from a small town in Texas. I think he'll get
snatched up by Nashville and he'll go far.
Get a feel for him as he sings "A Country Boy Will Survive" with Blake Shelton

So, a Tuesday night, that was going to be pretty low-key, turned into one of the nicer nights I've had in quite a while with great food, good music, and a really fun sharing time with DH. I didn't get any work or writing done, but that's just fine every once in a while.

Have a totally amazing Wednesday!

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