Monday, May 19, 2014

Late Can Be Great

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday. Of course, I already had my gift and numerous cards and best-wishes from my friends and acquaintances around the world (so DON'T repeat - this was an extra celebration). DH had decided to celebrate my birthday a week late because my birthday had fallen on Mother's Day this year which meant restaurants were crowded and not what we wanted to experience. So Sunday was "my" day after a little bit of work.

We're actually pretty good with repairs. The problem with the shop
is that our ceilings are twelve feet high and the lights have to be on when
we're open for business. Repairs must take place after hours or on days off. 

Although we started by doing some electrical work at the shop that had to be done on off-time when we wouldn't have customers needing lights to see the merchandise under. That actually went almost well - one problem remains to be resolved, but I'll have to phone the landlord for extra advise on that. But I now have light in two cases again and the new ballast is installed, even though the light fixture is doing things that make us a bit nervous (thus, the call to the landlord).

Springcon had lots of people in costumes of all types. Coming into the
Grandstand, we saw a father dressed as Superman with his two kids, probably
no more than 10 years old each also dressed as a superhero. Dad gets
"Best Dad Ever" nomination from me for escorting his kids in full costume. 

After getting our work out of the way, we went to the State Fairgrounds for Springcon - an annual comic book show with illustrators, costumed attendees, and panel discussions. We had a really fun time wandering the exhibits and looking at things. I'm trying to find the perfect dashboard ornament for the car I'll be buying later this year, but I wasn't overwhelmed by anything I saw just yet. I know I'll find it eventually, though, and it's going to be a fun hunt.

A Yoda bobblehead is a possibility for my dashboard. But...I really
haven't found the perfect thing yet. I keep looking, though. And, of
course, I don't have the new car yet either. Details...details...

After an hour or two at the con, we went down the road to The Source Comics and Games. I collected my latest subscribed comic issue which they had set aside for me, and DH got a lovely mini to paint. Our purchase was discounted because we had our wristbands from Springcon on, so it was a win-win.

Although I had a MUCH SMALLER piece of meat, this is pretty close
to my dinner. I also brought at least half of my meat home for tonight's
dinner, so I wasn't as bad as I could have been. It was REALLY good! 

Finally, to dinner. DH had given me a choice between Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse. He was sure I would choose Red Lobster, but he was wrong. I ended up at Outback and I was so pleased that I did. We each chose prime rib with a lobster tail, a wonderful salad and a loaded baked potato. So good! And the best part is I have some leftovers for dinner tonight. Score!

One of these four teams won The Amazing Race All-Stars, and I was
really happy with the end result. I also think the taxi driver who
stayed true to his team was awesome. It was a great race - I can't wait for Fall. 

So it was a great, late, birthday celebration, topped off with cupcakes while we watched the final of The Amazing Race All Stars. I was delighted with who won the Race, and my strawberry cupcake was absolutely amazing. All was good. Now to get back to work *sigh* - LOL.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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