Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day here in the US and since it is a National holiday, the store will be closed and I will have the day off. I won't be posting on Monday, so this post will tide me over for both Saturday and Monday.

I honor those who serve on Memorial Day. 

I have been asked by some of my overseas friends to explain what Memorial Day is all about. Here in the US it is an opportunity to honor our veterans. My grandparent's war was WWI, my parents' war was WWII. My own generation's war was Vietnam and, of course, the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been going on for more than twelve years now.

The Vietnam War was my generation's war. Classmates of mine
graduated from high school and went out to the jungles by
the end of the summer. Some didn't come back home again. 

In each of these wars as well as numerous conflicts around the world, men and women have been called upon to place themselves into the line of fire. They leave families and loved ones behind and travel into areas where they have a good chance of coming under fire from weapons or explosives. I am well aware that the US is often seen as overbearing and unwelcome and even pushy in other parts of the world. I can't disagree with some of it, but when nations are unstable, when they are being invaded or are under attack, the US is often the first nation that will be contacted for assistance. Often we respond to the call and send aid in a variety of forms, from economic aid through advisory personnel and finally, if truly merited and backed by the world in general, troops on the ground and in the air.

Fredericksburg National Cemetery illuminates the cemetery in honor
of Memorial Day. More than 15,000 are buried here. 

Politics can sully everything. When it comes down to it, veterans deserve our respect and our thanks for the sacrifice they have made and that's what Memorial Day is all about.

Thank you for your sevice.

So as we put food on the grills and pop open a frosty beverage, keep a moment free to think and thank those who serve. Have a great weekend.

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