Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Countdown Has Begun

I leave on my vacation in less than a week, so countdown has now started.

Counting down....

We spent a wonderful, rather laid-back extended Memorial Day weekend. We pulled some small trees, bought fertilizer and grass seed, and played a lot of computer games. We ate well - too well - and I dragged DH out to the car dealership on Monday to take a closer look at the car I want to buy later this summer. I think he's OK with it now, and I took some more measurements of the back hatch to make sure it will do what I want.

DH spent much of the two days playing computer games. I played quite
a bit on Day 1, but had my nose in my e-readers for Day 2. 

After my car look-over, we headed down the street to the Toyota dealership and looked at small trucks for DH. I doubt he'll end up with one, although he really wants one. He'd be happier with a used truck, but small trucks with an extended cab and automatic transmission seem to be difficult to locate. We'll keep hunting, but at least he now has some info on a truck he could live with.

The Toyota Tacoma is a nice smaller truck with a good sized
extended cab. It's expensive - that's the major draw back. Of course,
given the fact that DH is not a decisive person, this may be a
dream for a long time. 

I went into the craft room yesterday to check something and realized I'll have to do a serious excavation to get my suitcases from the closet *sigh*. Oh well - I'll get it done because I have to.  My meetings are all falling into place and I think my classes will be interesting, so that's at least a positive. Since I'm not sharing my room this year, I'll hopefully be able to keep up with emails while I'm out and about. At least I'll be able to do some writing.

The Science Museum of Minnesota always has so much to see and do. I know
we'll never get to all of it, but we'll still have a super time. 

My Wednesday schedule has firmed up. I'm meeting my on-line friend around noon and off we're going to the Science Museum. I have 1:00 pm tickets for Ultimate Dinosaurs and 3:00 pm tickets for the Omnitheatre, so we should have a wonderful time wandering. Jackie, a friend of a friend, is also trying to arrange a behind-the-scenes tour for us which would take place a bit earlier. I'm not sure she'll pull it off, but she's trying her best to accommodate us. So sweet!

Not only are we going to the Dino exhibit, we also have tickets for the Omnitheatre.
I love going there, and my friend hasn't been since she was a child.
This particular image was from the Tornado Alley movie that was showing last year. 

So as my clock keeps ticking and my time to get things done before I leave disappears, I'd better try to get caught up on some things, yes? Four work days left and counting down..... Happy Monday to all.

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