Friday, May 23, 2014

The Clock is Ticking

I have less than two weeks left before I leave for Bead & Button Show - in fact, I have ten days before I'm on the road. Although my car is sounding a bit creaky, the mechanics have assured me that it will make the trip to and from Milwaukee just fine and I'm hoping they are correct. It's not a huge trip - between five and six hours of driving each way - but a breakdown could guarantee a poor start or end to my one and only annual vacation.

Road trips are such fun. I love driving around the country and
there's nothing better than being behind the steering wheel
as I travel through our incredible landscape. 

Next week is looking busy, busy, busy. I am looking forward to spending several hours with an online friend who will be coming to town to visit family. We're going to the Science Museum to see the "Ultimate Dinosaurs" exhibit and, if everything works out the way I hope, we'll also be allowed behind the scenes to see the archives, storage, and exhibit planning rooms that normally aren't open to the public. I'm crossing my fingers that my friend of a friend will come through and make this a truly memorable visit for my on-line friend.

The "Ultimate Dinosaurs" exhibit at the Science Museum
will be our playground for a few hours as I meet a great
internet writing friend for an afternoon of fun and frolic. 

Whew! Lots of "friends" in the above paragraph. Those of you who taught me about repeating words in writing, aim your cannons and fire off your fusillade. It is well-deserved and I gave you many targets.

The cannons are aligned and ready to shoot me down for overuse
of a single word. But this is a blog, not something I'm submitting
for publication, so I am keeping my editing to a minimum. 

We have two steaks in the freezer waiting for the weekend's grilling. Monday is a national holiday and we have the day off since we're closing the store for the Memorial Day observance. That actually gets me Sunday, Monday and my usual Wednesday off next week - three out of four days. Wow! That's absolutely amazing and I'm going to enjoy every bit of it.

DH has two Porterhouse steaks in the freezer waiting for his
Memorial Day cookout. Guess I'm eating beef again - twice in
two weeks! How unusual - but yummy. 

So as we wrap up the week and look toward the week ahead, mine looks pretty bright. But...I'd better get to work on some writing. I'm behind and I know I won't get as much done next week and the week after as I usually would, although I always travel with my laptop so I'm still able to work and keep in touch with friends and family.

Happy Friday to all....

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