Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday - Examining Perspective and Illusion

I have a lot to do in the next hour, so I'm going to do a photo blog today. What will I find to share? I never know until I start hunting...

Sometimes you have to look right at something to see it properly. 

This is called The Hidden Tiger illusion. Do you see it? All
answers will be at the end of the post. This is illusion (A). 

This is called the Cafe Wall illusion. It is a visual illusion - one
of many I have seen through the years. This is an excellent example
of the eyes playing tricks on us. (B)

This is a common perception illusion called the Necker Cube. (C)

And for a final offering, this lovely illustration...

The Inside Out Window illusion. (D)

OK, now for some explanations and a link. (A) The Tiger Illusion - read his stripes. They say "The Tiger Illusion", don't they? (B) The Cafe Wall Illusion - The light and dark bricks must be in staggered rows with each brick surrounded by a mortar of a color between the two brick colors - in this case, grey. The lines are actually completely parallel, but they appear askew. (C) The Necker Cube - The line drawing is ambiguous and in no way tells the viewer which plane is forward and which is behind. On the lefthand drawing, most people perceive the lower left as being in front, but not everyone sees it this way. What I found really interesting was that a man who had been blind from birth but who regained sight at age 52 did not perceive the ambiguity that most people do. (D) More ambiguous perspective in this. Do the windows open out or are they swinging in? You choose your preference in this lovely drawing.

Are you interesting in exploring more optical illusions? There's a great website here. Indulge yourself in some fun with the clickable links on the bottom left of the page. Many of these are optical illusions that require movement to visualize, so I didn't put them into today's post, but they're worth clicking on and checking out.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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