Friday, April 4, 2014

The Only Good Things About Today Are...

With the snowstorm stalled out over us and continuing to dump snow (more than eight inches so far and not stopping anytime soon), I need to figure out something positive to think about instead of shoveling, dealing with slippery intersections, and a possible serious problem just getting in to the parking lot at the shop. So...I'm determined to look at the positive, even though Mother Nature is making that very hard today.

I'm hoping this is our last storm of the season, but last year we had
snow into May. If this is the end, I'll be very thankful. 

The snow will finally be over by noon, but we'll have a total of close to a foot by the end of this. It'll melt quickly, but we still have to shovel out today. I'm just going to take my time today. Chickie will be late getting in because she's accompanying her mother to get some medical tests before she makes it in, and I'm sure the traffic will be horrid. So, I'm not really going to care when I get into the shop.

I realize I complain about the weather a lot, but I live in Minnesota! 'Nuf said! 

I'll help my DH dig out, although if I could wake him up later, then maybe he'll snow blow instead. It certainly would be easier on him. So...again...I'll take my time. I do want breakfast, though (the most important meal of the day - LOL). So I'll either grab coffee and oatmeal (my preference) or an omelette (my second choice). My breakfast choice will be more time dependent and I have no idea how long it will take to shovel out.

Winter can be beautiful. Just look at this incredible curled ice off this
roof top. It's just gorgeous! 

The snow should be quite beautiful, and at least we didn't get any tornadoes out of it. My thoughts go out to my friends in the St Louis area where they had tornadoes last night. They are on the southern side of the storm, so getting all of the unstable weather.

After the snows of winter we'll be in to the tornado and super-cell times of
summer. Although beautiful, these storms can be deadly. 

Even though the storm is moving slowly, at least it is moving. We'll get another 2"-4" of snow before this peters out around noon and I'll be quite happily waving it good-bye as it moves east. It's a really slow moving storm and will be making its impact felt for several more days, I suspect.

Whoever is shaking the snow globe...PLEASE STOP! 

I hope everyone has a truly wonderful Friday.

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