Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrate the Weekend with Melting Ice - A Photo Blog

The snow yesterday was wet and heavy but we're in Spring and our temperatures are much better. Two or three months ago this snowstorm would have become semi-permanent with an underlying coat of solid ice. But that was a few months ago. Instead, the areas we shoveled are totally dry, and the remaining snow will melt quickly as our temperatures move above 40 and 50 degrees again. So, in honor of Spring, I'm doing photos of melting ice to share today.

Look at this melting ice shelf. It may be bad for all of this ice to be
melting, but it's so beautiful! 

If you know me, you know I love waterfalls. These waterfalls cascading
off an ice shelf might be evidence of global warming, but they're still
wonderful to look at. 

Look at these lovely ice formations. It's a great picture by Swedish
photographer Hans Strand. 

This lovely rainbow appeared over the just melting Hukou waterfalls of the
Yellow River in China. The rivers of China are so huge and angry in
the spring, they always amaze me and frighten me with their sheer force. 

Minnehaha Falls is just over the river in Minneapolis. It's a popular
tourist attraction and quite beautiful. It has just started to melt from
our winter freeze. This picture was taken at the end of March, showing
the falls running once again. 

These icicles are another photo from Hukou on the Yellow River. Check out the
rainbow and the ice-covered cliffs in the background. This is
an amazing river. 

I thought I would end this with what the Hukou waterfalls on the Yellow
River in China look like when they are fully melted. Isn't that water just

Have a great weekend and think Spring!

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