Monday, April 7, 2014

Baseball, a Truck and a Tribute

It's opening day for the Minnesota Twins baseball team. Although the season opened last week, today is our first home game. Yes, we had eight inches of snow late last week, but the field is ready, the temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's and it's perfect weather to play ball. Whoo hoo!

Our opening game was last week in Chicago (we lost). It's one
of the first signs of Spring - baseball is being played again.
Play Ball! 

We want a small truck. We don't want an SUV, we don't want a van and we don't want a full-sized pickup truck, we want a smaller one. Ford used to make the Ranger which was just about perfect, but they discontinued it. The few small trucks available in the marketplace have very poor reviews, We're stymied. So, I guess we'll switch our focus from a new truck to something used, although small trucks still don't come up often. It's frustrating, though.

The Mazda CX-5 is a good looking car, but not exceptional. *sigh* I don't
think any other car will ever match up to my PT Cruiser...

At the same time we're looking for a truck for DH, we're checking out new crossovers for me. Although I adore my PT Cruiser, it does have almost 120,000 miles on it and the maintenance is getting more and more expensive. It's time to look at buying a new car for me. My cars tend to be our major method of transport, so choosing a good one will be important. I'm looking for good gas mileage - although I'd love an electric, it just wouldn't really work for us right now - and something where I can easily haul things. I'm thinking about possibly getting a Mazda CX-5, although the Subaru Forester is also in the running along with the Toyota CR-V. But I need to take a much closer look at these before I get any closer to a decision.

The Kia Soul is a bit more unique looking and has a great and fun
interior, but it's a bit small for what I want. 

I really loved the Kia Soul - cute, peppy, a little stiff to drive, but well within my budget. These other crossovers are more expensive, but also a bit larger and probably better for our needs. But new transport is becoming important. My DH drives a 1992 Saturn that I inherited from my mother upon her death, and my PT Cruiser is an original 2000/2001 model, so also has some serious years. We need reliable transportation so looking at things realistically, a new car or two is becoming mandatory.

Our only hope will be buying a smaller truck used - if we can even find one. 

I think what is bothering me the most about the car selection is the lack of fun design. The cars are all looking similar, changes are minimal, and they are all rather boring. I'm hoping that I can at least get a decent paint color - LOL.

Mickey Rooney had a long career in the entertainment industry. I enjoy
the classic films he was in during the "Golden Age" of  Hollywood the most. 

And in news from yesterday is the death of Mickey Rooney at age 93. He was such a fun actor, always quick with a smile and a quip. Your next curtain is rising for you, Mister Rooney.

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