Thursday, April 3, 2014

But I'm Out of Salt!!!

Mother Nature is evil. There! I said it. She whom I actually love in her many, fascinating aspects is an evil witch (just replace the first letter) today. I need spring. I've put in my shoveling, snow-booted, parka-wearing, scarf-wrapping days. It's April, for goodness sake! This should be far beyond me now.

Loved this wonderful view of Mother Nature. 

But NO! She's sending us a reminder of how truly miserable the winter was. So, because we haven't had nearly enough snow or cold weather yet, we're getting another 6"-14" snow dumped on us starting later this morning.

We've already had our first tornadoes of the season last week and probably
will see a few more in this story. Thundersnow is also expected. 

Can I say ICK!!!!? Can I say "I am SO tired of this crap!!!?" Can I just crawl back into bed and ignore the next 48 hours?

Really!!!? REALLY!!!? Snow again!!!?

Unfortunately ignoring isn't an option, but it doesn't negate the desire. I'm SO not looking forward to my days today and tomorrow. I'll be happy to see the inside of my garage tonight, but I'll hate getting up tomorrow and realizing that the snow will be wet, heavy, and have to be shoveled before I can leave for work.

Have you ever wondered this? Follow the link to a short article that
explains why salt melts ice. 

I'm wondering when this winter will ever end.....and I'm out of salt!

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