Saturday, April 19, 2014

Success and Photos - Religious Beliefs From Around the World

Yesterday I was moaning about a lack of motivation and excitement for two writing assignments I had with upcoming deadlines. Yesterday afternoon I had a spare 30 minutes and inspiration hit. The second story fell into place and the first one expanded. Both need editing, but they have broken out into the digital world and that's an important step. Now to write a ficlet for a friend's birthday gift...

It had to percolate, but my stories finally got down and now can
be edited. Yippee! 

This is a weekend where many of you turn your thoughts to Spirit. Whether Christian, Jew or one who walks a different belief's road, we all hope there is something beyond this single life, that we exist forever in spirit and that we leave something behind that will influence others in a positive manner. I wanted to find pictures for all of us to share - pictures that would be uplifting and joyful from multiple faiths. Have a fabulous weekend and I'll return on Monday with more thoughts and pictures.

I am always amazed by the beauty of the world
around me, however it was created,. It still
lightens my heart to watch the sun rise each morning.

There is something soothing about Buddhist prayer wheels. We all
walk the wheel of life together. Why can't we get along? 

Shinto Shrines and Temples are relaxation for my mind. I love
the traditional styling, the honor to nature, and the
pregnant silence that can be gathered here. 

I have been privileged to be a pipe carrier for many years. The Lakota
Sioux people (and other tribes as well) use the sacred pipes to pray
for all people.

The sacred scrolls of the Torah are the basis of the teachings
in Judaism. Their roots go back to the original ten commandments
brought down Mount Sinai by Moses. 

I don't understand Hinduism as well as other world religions
I have studied over the years, but more than one billion
people believe in this religion. As with all other beliefs, there
is beauty, exceptional good and the deepest of evil represented
in the stories and artwork. 

On this weekend of such great importance to the Christian religion, please honor all beliefs and all peoples. Have a wonderful weekend.

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