Monday, April 21, 2014

Time to Focus

It was a weekend where I actually was able to accomplish a lot. Both stories I needed to finish have been completed and submitted. DH and I watched "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug" on Saturday night before the hockey game, and I roasted a nice turkey for our Easter dinner with all of the fixings - rather like an off-season Thanksgiving dinner. It's what DH wanted for dinner, and I never mind cooking a turkey - they really cook themselves so it's easy.

I love turkey and making them is so easy. Yes, I have to baste it regularly,
but after putting it into the oven, that's all I have to do. It's one of
the easier things I cook for special events and days. 

But it's time to focus. I want to write a small story for blsLarner's birthday. Her birthday was a week ago, but I usually write a fic or a drabble for her. I promised one to her and the concept came to me over the weekend. Now to make it come from my head to my fingers and then to the keyboard.

I love this writing, both in appearance and in message. 

I was going to go out to the car dealer again tonight, but I've decided to go back out there on Wednesday instead. I want to take another serious look at the car, and DH said he really doesn't care to be involved. So that leaves me on my own. I'd rather take my time and my Wednesdays are less time constrained than trying to hit the dealership after work tonight. I'm just not 100% sure about whether this will do everything I need, so I need to take another very careful look.

I can hardly wait for Spring to finally arrive along with flowers, happy
birds, warm temperatures and, unfortunately, our severe weather -
thunderstorms and tornadoes. 

Spring seems to have finally moved in, at least our temperatures will be in the 50's and 60's for the week (although our overnight temps will still drop to below freezing each night). But I'm willing to say that our snow is probably behind us and that even if we get a last try by the storm gods, it will be quick and messy, but gone soon and melted within a day. It's about time!

Let's not forget the horror and terror of the Boston Marathon last year, in 2013.
I hope that this year it will be a triumphant return to a premier athletic event
instead of forever more linked with terrorism. 

Today the Boston Marathon will be run and more than 36,000 runners will run through the course. As each one crosses the finish line, I'm sure that most of them will think about last year's bombing while they catch their breath and massage their jellied legs. The police presence has been magnified dramatically, cameras are located throughout the course, and larger handbags and backpacks are subject to search. All I hope is that everyone will be safe and that events like this won't be chosen to make 'political' statements any more.

Be good, be safe, and have a wonderful Monday.

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