Friday, April 18, 2014

Motivation? What is That?

I have two stories pending and I just can't get excited about either one. Of course, there's no requirement to be excited about a story to write it. Often the excitement won't come in the initial words, but afterward during the editing process or even later still, after re-reading an older piece and realizing that it was much better than I had remembered. But it doesn't change the fact that I have two pieces to work on and I'm forcing myself to pull up the files.

I need to get my excitement back or these two stories
won't end up getting written on time. 

Maybe part of that lack of desire to deal with writing is because I'm generally tired and worn down. I have no real reason to feel that way, I'm just generally lackluster and borderline depressed. I know myself - I'll push through this miasma and get back into the sunlight again - but it doesn't change my current reality. I'll have to check a calendar and see when these writings are due. I can often push myself into more productive work when deadlines are breathing down my neck.

Melting snow at this time of the year often will allow fog and mist
to rise from the roadways. It's almost magical. 

At least the snow has come and gone. Yesterday's roads were a real mess in the morning - slippery and snow-filled. The parking lots weren't much better, forcing me to be very careful as I walked from my car into the shop. But by the time I left work last night, most of the snow and ice had melted, the streets were clear and DH had shoveled my driveway. With a northern exposure, we're stuck. It's either shovel or live with ice and ruts. We shovel.

I love the logo of the Minnesota Wild. Is it a bear? Or a cougar? Or is
it even a real animal? The Wild have never said, but it's colorful and
really nicely designed. 

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have started and DH was glued to the TV yesterday. It's a long playoff season, but the first games have now been played and my Minnesota Wild fell in the first game to my Colorado Avalanche. Wait just a minute ... MY Wild and MY Avalanche? Yes - my two beloved states are meeting in this round. But in this match-up, I'm actually weighing in a bit heavier for the Minnesota team instead of the Colorado team (unlike my allegiances during football season). The Wild lost in an overtime game. Game 2 is scheduled for tonight.

Good Friday is actually rather somber because Christians world-wide
are actually celebrating a tortuous death.

Today is Good Friday and many people will celebrate at a variety of churches and cathedrals throughout the world. Earlier this week, Passover was honored. Often the two celebrations don't coincide, but this year the stars aligned and the celebration of the Last Supper actually happened close to Pesach. A bit amazing in a way. For those of my friends who celebrate either of these religious festivities, I hope your Passover was joy-filled and that your Easter will be shared with loved ones and some great food.

Passover is one celebration that I remember with great enjoyment. 

My pagan friends sometimes wonder about how I can be comfortable with the celebrations of Christianity and Judaism, but that's pretty easy. I know those two belief systems intimately.  I was raised as a 'comfortable' Jew. My parents celebrated the aspects of Judaism that were comfortable for them - Passover mostly. We didn't attend services, nor did we celebrate the High Holy Days or other celebrations, but Passover was actually celebrated fairly often with friends and extended family.

Easter is not just bunnies and egg hunts. It has its roots in a religious
celebration of life over death. Given that death is usually feared by each one
of us at some point in our lives, having someone/something saying "Don't
worry, there is life continuing after death," is reassuring. 

As for Easter - I explored a variety of religions while growing up and throughout my adult life. In US society, one cannot explore religion without examining the large variety of Christian beliefs. I attended Christian services in Baptist, Lutheran, and Catholic denominations and I have celebrated and toured some of the most marvelous buildings and cathedrals erected to celebrate Jesus Christ. Yet, after all of that, I found that I couldn't walk this path and I returned to what sings for me.

I'll continue to listen to the voice of Spirit in those who share the world
with us - the trees and animals, the breeze and running waters, and
the Song that underlies all life. 

For me, the Breath of Life is in the larger world. I admire the driven talent that soars in the spires of cathedrals throughout the world, but I'll continue to celebrate the trees and the breeze that allow them to sing in the voice of Creation. Have a Blessed holiday season, whatever and wherever you choose to be.

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