Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Sense of Semi-Accomplishment and Snow Again - WTF????

I actually did get a lot done yesterday and very little of it was recreational (unfortunately), but at the end of the day, as the snow was piling up in the front yard and on the streets, I at least felt as if I had done something.

Looking at the satellite map of snowfall, it looks like I have somewhere
from 1/2 inch to 3.5 inches awaiting me. It's crazy how the snowfall
changes from place to place in this storm though. 

I took time to seriously look at the specs of the car I'm thinking about buying and compare it, spec to spec, to the car I've had since 2000. It isn't that much different - slightly wider and a bit longer. But a more powerful engine and much better gas mileage. I'll continue thinking this week, and if I decide to go ahead with this, I'll take another physical look next week. I hesitate just buying it because it is such an expense. I just can't jump into this without putting some serious thought behind it.

Our robins aren't quite this far, but I'm sure they are just as grumpy. It's hard
for them to find their meals when the snow is covering everything. 

I was home from doing my errands by 11:30 am and the clouds were increasing. By dinnertime the snow was falling and we were in the middle of a really weird snowstorm. I'll be pulling out the snow boots from the closet again. The snowfall across the Cities varied from 1/2 inch to 11 inches - yes...that's across the metro area only. I have no idea how much I got until I get out there in an hour or so, but I suspect I'm not going to be happy. If it's less than three inches, however, I'm going to just blast through it because within a week, we'll be in 70+ degree temps and this storm will just be a bad memory.

Archiver's was always a good alternative for me when I needed
stamps or supplies. I get most of my supplies from Sarasota Stamp
at the State Fair every year, but I picked up some miscellaneous things
when Archiver's was doing their final 'business closing' sales. 

I had mentioned that I might do some cleaning, and indeed, that's where I was actually somewhat effective. I spent time organizing and reorganizing my craft supplies so that I'm ready to go for this year's Solstice cards. Yes - I think about my cards all year and have determined the theme already. I had some new supplies that I bought when Archiver's store was going out of business and I needed to get these items put away.

I use an app on my smartphone called Book
Catalogue to scan the ISBNs of my books
and get them into the database. It works pretty well. 

I cataloged a box full of books and moved them to gain access to my "important papers" mini-file. I went through the papers in those drawers, pulled quite a few for shredding (no real need for long-ago closed bank account statements or repair listings for autos we no longer own) and found the title for my current car - the reason I decided to begin the process at all. I also found my marriage license, my birth certificate, old passports, and other important papers that I looked at carefully and then returned to the file. Now I have my car title at the top of one drawer so when I need it, I can grab it easily.

I was quite pleased to find my car title for "Grape". It's not that
hard to get a duplicate, but why bother if I don't have to? 

I'll continue working on the household budget today. I spent some time with it yesterday and know where I need to go today. I also spent a wonderful hour talking with Aearwen. Both of our writing muses have been quiet over the past week, so they'd better wake up soon - LOL.

It's never easy to work on a budget. 

I'm hoping I have minimal snow outside my door as I get ready to leave. A few miles north of me they got nine inches, a few miles south, they got 1/2 inch. It could be anything from 1-2 inches to 7 inches waiting for me to open my garage door this morning. I know that no matter how much snow, the roads are very icy. It's a bad driving day *sigh*.

I just couldn't resist sharing this pic with all of you...

Happy Thursday to all!

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