Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maybe I Can Actually Write ... Or Draw ... Or Just Clean House :-b

It's my day off and of course I have errands to do. I'm tempted to go to the car dealer and take another look at the car that I want, but I think it's better if I postpone that for a week or so. I think it would be better if I could schedule a late appointment to check out the headlights, panel lights and interior cabin lights that aren't very visible at 9:00 am. So I'll probably push this off and try for a Monday night instead.

Headlights and Taillights at night can make a beautiful picture through
a slow lens. I can't get a really good feel for the headlights and interior
panel lights if I keep looking at the car during the daytime hours. 

Which leaves me open to writing...right? I do need to get some beta work done and I have two short pieces in the works, but my muse is being lazy today and even though I want to work on one of my longer pieces, she's turning her back on me, crossing her arms and shaking her head.  "No," *sigh*.  This is so NOT the way to write a novel.

The IBM Selectric electric typewriter was the best typewriter in the market. I loved
working on these and would still be writing on one if I didn't want to
edit, edit and edit again...

So, maybe I can get some artwork underway instead? I have projects pending, others underway, and others knocking at my mental door. Maybe I can pull out my pencils, uncap my markers, re-organize my pastels or even fire up the kiln. But my day will more likely be spent with...

I would love to play with my enamels and my kiln, but I doubt I'll really have
the time to do that today. Cleaning up that part of my studio wouldn't be a bad
idea, though. Except other parts of the house need cleaning first. 

House Cleaning! Yes, the dreaded house cleaning. I need to get my car title into my hands and that will entail some serious cleaning. Also, we want to get new carpeting after the house finally sells and the estate is settled. To do that, we'll have to have things cleaned up. So even though we are under a Winter Storm Watch, I think it's actually spring, (even though winter doesn't seem to want to let go). Spring means spring cleaning to me, so I'll spend at least some time today with the vacuum and a scrub pad.

Some housecleaning will have to be done, but I also have to get
my household budget into a spread sheet. One way or another, I won't
be doing a lot of house cleaning, although I'll be doing my usual multiple
loads of laundry. 

Hurrah for Wednesdays!

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