Friday, April 25, 2014

Shards of Unease and Poetry

Why is it that some things just spear through a person with unease? In my mail last night, I found a notification from the Post Office that I had a Registered Mail item awaiting me at the Post Office. Now, my schedule is such that getting to this particular post office today in a timely manner won't be easy, but I'm going to have to try because the next day I could manage this would be Tuesday. By Tuesday they probably would have been returning the mail to the sender.

Sorry We Missed You notifications are a bit nerve-wracking. If they
arrive on a Monday or Tuesday - no problem. I can get to the Post
Office on Wednesday. But later in the week requires some serious
shifting of my schedule. *sigh*

But who would have sent me such a thing? I could see my DH receiving something like this for his father's estate legal papers, etc., but I don't really have anything out there that would require Registered Mail for the delivery. I'm perturbed, a bit worried, and slightly frustrated. I'll manage to work it into my schedule, but today is a super-busy day at the shop and having to drive to an out-of-the way post office isn't fitting into my schedule with ease.

I enjoy the poetry of Ogden Nash. He has a biting sarcasm wrapped in
a small package that packs a punch. He's fun to read. 

My 'humorous poem' was released yesterday and I'm rather pleased with it, as well as with the reviews/responses from those who have read it so far. I need to get some of my past fics up on my archives - I'm behind again - but last night I spent working on an overdue beta. Although I write poetry every now and again, and am comfortable with the genre, it isn't my favorite. John Milton doesn't have to turn over in his grave with fear for my skills eclipsing his own. I'd say he's very safe indeed.

Who doesn't love the poetry of Dr Seuss? Whether writing for
children or adults, he had a wonderful way with words. 

But I rarely read poetry - I don't find it something relaxing to just sit down and read a poem, even by some of my favorite authors. There's something amazing about good poetry, though. That ability to search through for the perfect word, that single word conveying the exact emotion that needs to be carried through to the next word, is a skill that is beyond most of us. There's a lot of really poor poetry out there, along with some gems that gleam like sunlight off a sparkling ripple. I love those wonderful gems, but I can't always spend the time culling through the chaff to get to the good kernels.

Want to try your own hand at poetry? Try some of the forms
featured in the buildings above. You might be the next great
poet and not even know it - yet! 

The snow has finally almost melted here, but that has left us with serious fog and our second season - that of road construction. This weekend has some serious road closures on major interstate highways through the Twin Cities. I feel sorry for anyone visiting or just trying to pass through our cities this weekend - it will be a frustrating stop and go turtle-like progress through the bottlenecks. I think I'll stay in or just go to work, and I hope my customers won't be too badly affected by the traffic issues.

It's time for road construction season again. It's better than shoveling
snow every day or two, but it's going to be really inconvenient for a lot
of people over the weekend. 

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your day!

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