Thursday, April 24, 2014

Running Late - Photo Blog - Cars and Dreams

I might dress like an aging hippie (truth in marketing, after all - LOL), but I do love fashion and fine design. I guess that's the artist and jeweler in me. One of the items that I adore are cars and most of the cars I love are WAY beyond any budget I'll ever have, even in my dreams. Take a look at some of the cars I would love to drive, even once in my life.

I fell in love with Lamborghini when I was a teenager. There is
something about this sporty Italian speedy car that just catches
my breath every time I look at one. Yum! 

I think it was the gull-wing doors that first solidified my love for
the Lamborghini. That, and the fact that the first one I saw parked on a
street was in a fabulous lime-green color. Yummy! 

This is the Masarati Granturismo. I figured that since I was discussing an
Italian car, I'd move on to the other contender. No flash on this
one, just solid beauty and speed. 

And just look at the interior of the Masarati. Every piece is hand detailed, the
leather is hand stitched, and all is designed for speed and comfort. The
ultimate in luxury. 

Then again, who says I need modern speed. How about classic lines in a
historic brand? This 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom will do just fine, thank you. 

Here's a futuristic classic - the Delorean. Although this has a date of 1983, I'd
put it a few years earlier. Those gull-wing doors were the hallmark of these
wonderful stainless steel cars. Yes, this is the car that was used in the
"Back to the Future" movies. 

For speed and sports car beauty, it's hard to beat Porsche. I've actually
driven a few of these over the years. They're a joy to drive - responsive,
jumping to show their stuff, they handle like a dream. 

I'll end with a car that I see quite often - the Jaguar. Possessing many models
at many price points, this car is a frequent purchase for those wanting
something extra special without the high price tags of similar cars. I first learned
how to drive a stick shift on my brother Peter's Jaguar as we drove on the
outskirts of Mexico City where he lived. It took years before I realized
what a special gift I had been given, to learn on such a beautiful and classic car. 

So there you have it. Dreams of someone who loves cars. Want to give me a gift? Any of these would do in my gift basket at any time :-) Have a wonderful Thursday while we enjoy the fact that it is raining, not snowing, up here today.

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