Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Day Off - Sleep, Errands and Rain

Tuesday nights are late nights for me (all of your night owls will laugh at what I consider late - but then again, you shiver at my early morning wake-up times). In any case, because of both Face Off and Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, I get to bed at 10:00 pm instead of 9:00 pm. That one additional hour of sleep is important, so I let myself sleep in a little bit this morning - 20 minutes of wonderful cuddly sleep. It should have allowed me to only be a slight bit behind schedule today, but no. I couldn't find my eyeglasses. And the subsequent hunt took an additional 20 minutes of time. Suddenly my stolen 20 minutes became 2/3 of an hour and I'm running behind *sigh*.

Since Face-Off's finale was last night, Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Challenge will move into their time slot beginning next week with
Heroes of Cosplay taking the later time. I'm pleased about that because
I can get back to my earlier sleep time. Happy me! 

I have to get supplies from two different office supply companies today - better pricing on some things at each store will force me to visit two. But at least they are close to each other. I'm going to start my day out by driving back to the auto dealer and taking another, close and detailed look at the car I'm thinking about buying.

I love taking road trips. I haven't done anything major for several years
now, but I used to drive south every year to go through the Southwest, purchasing
new products for the stores I operated. These days my road trips
consist of my annual drive to Milwaukee - a mere 5-6 hours away.
Have any of you been on Route 66? As a former resident in
numerous locations in New Mexico, Route 66 was a road I was on often. 

I don't want to buy a car if my own will be fine for my annual road trip and beyond, so I've also set up a car appointment to get Grape looked at and get a realistic opinion on how much longer I can expect her to be dependable. Right now she's leaking a bit of oil, the result of a pothole incident about a month or so ago. That should be fixed and there are other issues here and there. I need dependable. I know the approximate trade-in value of my car and I don't want to put a huge amount of money into fixing it, so I'm at a crux. But the look at the new car this morning and the opinions of my mechanic next week should help me to nail the time frame on when I'll actually get new transportation.

I don't mind rainy days, but probably should buy a set of rain boots
one of these days. Wet feet aren't fun. I have a lovely yellow raincoat
that my mother-in-law bought for me when I first moved up here, but I've
never owned a set of wellies. 

It looks like I'll be running around with rainstorms today that will continue through tomorrow, so I'll be grabbing my Aussie hat with the large silver and turquoise spider for weather protection. This is a short post today, but my wishes for you to have a fabulous Wednesday are no less heart-felt than if I had written a novella. Happy Wednesday!

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