Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Weekend - Beautiful Pictures of Animals

I'm working today, as always, but I'm well aware that most of you who read my blog and postings have the weekend off. I'm a bit rushed today, so I'm going to play with some beautiful things instead.

Time to go hunting for beautiful things...

Earlier this week I went through pictures of fabulous cars - so beautiful in their form and the engines underneath the hood. But there are many types of beauty in the world and I'm on a hunt for some to share with all of you today. Let's see what my hunt has come up with.

You can find beauty in the most unusual places. Just look at this
stunning lizard. The jewel-toned skin color and that deep amber eye -
he's a stunner (and probably knows it). 

Who can resist a beautiful tiger photo? Tigers are one
of the few cats who actually don't mind getting wet. In
fact they love the water. 

Here's an encounter that could go very badly. The leopard is coming
a bit too close and comfortable with the African porcupine. Those spines
range in length from 3" to 12" or even longer and they're thick. The North
American porcupine is a pussy-cat compared to his African cousin. 

Kingfishers have the most amazing and beautiful plumage. Just stunning!
I really loved this picture of two kingfisher birds together on a branch. 

And as I sign off for the day, here's a stunning elephant picture. I adore
elephants, and many of my friends are also enamored with them. They
are exceptional, loving, strong friends and faithful parents. Elephants Rock! 

Have an exceptionally beautiful weekend.

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