Monday, April 28, 2014

A Rainy Sunday and Thoughts of Matisse

It's been raining - and raining - and raining again. But that's not bad. Actually, that's pretty good because it's not snowing! If this was a month ago, all of this moisture would have been coming down as snow and we would have been shoveling. Instead, I get to use an umbrella to walk over to McDonald's this morning after I drop my car off for servicing. DH will meet me at McDonald's for breakfast and then drive me to work. A chauffeur and a cup of coffee. What could be better?

I'll be using my umbrella to walk to McDonald's this morning. It's been
raining for the past 24 hours and it looks like it has no intention of
stopping anytime soon. 

I gave my mechanics the instructions of making sure that I have a clear idea of how reliable my car is and whether or not it will be safe to drive to and from Milwaukee for my conference later this Spring. If the car is in good shape, I may hold off on buying a new one for a bit longer - maybe closer toward the end of the year. Or maybe not. I am so undecided on this! But I'll have a better idea when I pick up my car tonight. 

My own road trip won't be nearly as much fun as the Ferrari Italian Road
Tour was. Wouldn't it have been fun to be driving a Ferrari through Italy? 

I had a lazy Sunday amid rain upon rain. It was pouring rain yesterday and we stayed inside for most of the day, watching television, playing computer games, and taking time out for dinner. Lazy can be good every now and again. The week won't be quite as lazy, but it's OK. We got a huge shipment in last Thursday and we'll be working on getting it processed and out for our customers for much of the week.

"Purple Robe" is typical of Matisse. He's one of those
amazing artists that you look at and think "I could do art
like that" - and then you look closer and realize the amazing
talent that he had. 

I've been wanting to see the Matisse exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and it's down to the last three weeks. I'm making reservations for next Sunday and will be there at 11:00 am to look at wonderful paintings and glorious art. Can you tell I'm already looking forward to it? Absolutely! Museum crawling is one of my favorite activities EVER!

"The Red Madrass Headdress" is another lovely painting
of Matisse. I can hardly wait to see the exhibit. I'm just bouncing
in my chair, I'm so excited. 

So as I get ready for a long and rainy day, I wish all of my friends a glorious start to their week. Happy Monday to all!

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