Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Artistic Thoughts and an Upcoming Road Trip

I've been writing, and writing for several years now, not really producing much artwork. But I do love it when I dream of projects dealing with metal, chemicals, flame and glass - my media of choice. Something popped into my head in the early hours of the morning today and I want to see if I can get it to work in a way that would make it cost-effective. That's the problem with many of my jewelry and art designs - they take too much time to be able to ask a proper price for them.

Isn't this enamel leaf brooch lovely? A leaf motif was part of my dream
last night, although it wouldn't take this form. 

This particular project would use gemstones that I purchased several years ago for a similar design, but expand the design with more depth and some color. I'm not really sure where this will go, but at least I finally have a direction of possibility with my metalwork, and I've been at loose ends with that for too long. Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not. I'll have to try some samples to see. And given the current state of my kiln, I may have to torch fire or use my mini kiln instead - not as effective or fast, but fine for a trial version.

I love working with faceted gemstones. They're like little pieces of
color that fall down just to be admired by their owner. They
sparkle, they gleam, and I can look at them for hours on end. 

I had my car into my mechanic yesterday for a full check-out and check over. I wanted to know whether it would be safe to drive it to my conference at the end of May, or whether I needed to push buying a new car into a very tight time frame. Fortunately, I got the report that my car is in pretty good shape and perfectly fine to drive to and from my conference. I had to put some money into it, but it was within the budget I allowed before it would be "too much". So I fixed up Grape and she and I will go on one final road trip before I look into replacing her by the end of the summer. I want to trade her in while there is still some value to her, and she's a great car, but there have been some serious safety advances since she first came on the scene.

Although this is not my car, it is a close cousin - same year, same color.
I really love my PT Cruiser. There's a lot of great design in this car, and
it is totally a retro classic and the first cross-over made - starting
an entire category of follow-up cars. I've never regretted owing
my Cruiser and will be sorry to say good-bye later this summer.
At least we can have one last road trip together. 

I'm quite happy, though. I didn't want to be pushed into purchasing the new car just yet. I wanted to take my time, discuss the financing options with DH who will help me figure out the best way to go about it, and I want his opinion on the new car too. I think it is a very good alternative, and he is resigned to the fact that I'm going to upgrade this year. I know he's relieved that I'm not backed into a corner either, though. The pressure is off :-)

Shruti does wonderful mandala drawings. I searched
for one of hers, but wasn't able to find one to show
you. This one, however, is quite close to the type of
wonderful work she produces. 

For those of you who had asked me - my registered letter that caused my schedule to go so haywire, was a small letter and packet from my dear friend in India, Shruti. She's a phenomenal artist in her own right, and was sending me a sample of her newest offerings to see what I thought and what pricing she should ask for them. It was wonderful to hear from her again, as well as getting the ability to hold some of her art in my hands again. Hopefully my answers to her questions were what she was looking for. Next year, if all goes well, we'll room again at Bead & Button Show - she's a really fun roomie.

Look at this completely amazing mandala by Kathy Ahrens. You can
see some really magnificent mandala art on Deviant Art if you follow the link. 

So, as I get ready to go back out into the cold and rain (I hope the snow stopped north of us, although it is cold enough that we might have received a dusting), I'll be thinking of all of my friends around the world who are experiencing sunny, warm days today. Please send some of that warm weather my way. I want a warm spring filled with flowers and chirping birds, not one that makes me want to crawl back into bed.

Oh, a bit more snuggle under the blankets time would be so
welcome, but no ... I have to get going in fifteen minutes. *sigh*

Happy Tuesday!

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