Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring? What a Dream...

It snowed yesterday and it's snowing today. It's the end of April, and even though it's not sticking on the ground, it's the entire idea of snow in April that's completely repugnant. Therefore, I've been in a bit of a funk the past few days and have been really terrible about answering comments on my blog. Mea culpa. Please accept my apologies. I'll be unfunked (is that even a word?) when we get sunshine again. Of course, at this rate, that may not happen until June.

Sleet is between rain and hail. Our winds have been driving
our rain in a horizontal direction instead of allowing it to fall
vertically, and it's mostly been sleet or a mix of rain & snow.
Still, it's better than the tornadoes that the Southern US
are having from this storm. 

On the other hand, even though we are getting horrid wind and horizontal rain/snow mix, we're not getting the tornadoes and massive storms that the southern part of the nation is getting. I'm very grateful about that. We'll have plenty of bad weather ahead of us this year, tornado season is just beginning. But tornadoes in the snow are just totally WRONG!

Tornadoes can be among the most beautiful of nature's
destructive side. Along with volcanoes, I love
looking at pictures of them. This particular
pic is quite lovely. It is photoshopped? Maybe.
But I really don't care. It's lovely. 

I'll complain about my weather, but I really shouldn't. There are so many people in the nation right now who have far more reason to complain than I do. There are tornadoes throughout the south, devastating rains in Florida, and destruction following this storm across large swaths of land. The storm is stalled and that's why the problems have been happening across the southern part of the country for an extended period of time.

Can we afford to feed the Stormtroopers? We'll only know
after I've finished the budget, but right now I don't know
for sure. Working out budgets was always the part of
my jobs that I hated the most. It's no different, even though
this is a household budget instead of a business
operational budget. 

I have my day off today. I'll get some beta work done, try to finalize last week's drabble and work on this week's assignment, and maybe even get a few fics put into my archives, but I'm not sure I'm up to working on my budget and spreadsheet work. I spent most of the last two Wednesdays working on those and it's such a slog! I hate dealing with this kind of mess. Finances! ICK!

Sawing sheet metal is a basic skill for every jeweler. I'm not as good
at this as I would like to be, so it's probably time to begin practicing
again. These four examples are part of Alan Revere's class on
sawing and piercing. I loved my time at the Revere Jewelry Academy. 

I want to spend some time thinking through the jewelry idea I had earlier in the week. I'd dearly love to be able to pull out my chemicals and get some work done on etching and enamel again, so I will try to spend a bit of time with this if I can squeeze it in.

Minnesota Wild vs the Colorado Avalanche.
GO WILD for the Wild. 

Today is Game Seven of the series between the Minnesota Wild and the Colorado Avalanche. I've been less than happy with the officiating we've had in the Colorado arena, but that's where this final game will be held, so good or bad, we're stuck with it. DH will be up watching and he'll be tired tomorrow. Normally he takes Thursday off, but he has to work for Chickie who needs to be absent while she gets a medical test. So he'll be yawning tomorrow, but hopefully (fingers crossed) he'll be happy because Minnesota will have won and progressed to the next stage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As for me? Well, I'm a Colorado Gal, so either team winning works fine for me, although I must admit that I would probably prefer Minnesota to be the victor.

It's going to be a late game for us, but DH will be up watching. I'll
hear about it on the news Thursday morning. I need my sleep. 

I'll sign off here and get some pics to plug into my ramblings. Have a totally fabulous Wednesday and enjoy your day.

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